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How I Made a Difference on December 24th: A Christmas Eve Prayer


 My Grandpa Stockman believed in praying for others and especially for people who he knew others were not thinking of. The way that I am going to make a difference today is by remembering people like this and keeping them close in my heart. I would like everyone who is reading my blog to try to do the same.

One way that you can remember the less fortunate at Christmastime is by lighting a candle in your home. My family is going to put one in our kitchen window today. But did you know that you can also light candles on the web? I would like to invite all of you who are reading to do the same at this page on the Gratefulness website. If you visit this page, you will see that I have lit a candle in memory of the less fortunate, who may be lonely or sad today. The name of our group is TFD for Twenty Five Days. It would be wonderful to see a lot of candles lit here in the next few days.

Although we know that not everyone does this, my family remembers people by praying for them, just like my Grandpa did. So this morning, my daddy and Nina and I worked together to brainstorm and write a Christmas Eve prayer that we will say at dinner tonight. I’ve written it below so that you can see it and say it too, if you would like.

We wish everyone who celebrates a Merry Christmas! Tomorrow, we will be announcing the winners of our contests, so please make sure to stop by again. ALSO!! PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING US ABOUT SOMETHING THAT YOU DID TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON THAT MADE YOU FEEL VERY HAPPY!! You can read my post from yesterday about this, or you can leave a comment here!

Dear Lord, On this Christmas Eve, we are thankful for the many blessings you have given us.  We are especially thankful for our families and friends, and the love and kindness we share with one another. We ask that you help us share that love and kindness with those who are alone, those who lack love in their hearts and lives, those who live in fear and despair, and those who live without faith and charity. We ask that you bless us all with your grace, and fill our hearts with peace and true love toward all your creation, as you showed us when you gave us the gift of your Son, Jesus. Amen.


5 Responses

  1. I knew your grandparents well, they are very proud of you. They were the most giving people I have ever met. I know they watch over you from heaven. I wish you and your family the best this Christmas and through the New Year.

  2. Hi Laura we like your website.It is a great idea.Merry Christmas!
    your alter serving partners,michelle and anna

  3. Dear Laura, this is a beautiful prayer. It’s the last thing I will read before I go visit my Mom. I will be without a computer for the next couple of days, but will light a candle when I return.

    I’ll just tell you one thing very quickly. It makes me think we have angels our shoulders or some spirit that put things in our way so we arrive just on time. You probably remember I told you I delivered items to a thrift store that supports a women’s shelter. My drop-off kept getting delayed because of bad weather. Well, on the day I finally delivered the items, I pulled into the only available parking spot. Three minutes later, when I came back to my car after dropping off the stuff, the parking spot next to me was empty — except for a wallet on the ground. There was ID (and lots of credit cards and other important items!!) inside so I was able to take it into the store so it could be returned to its owner. Phew.

    When I get back, I’ll also pick my favourite blog post that you’ve written. I do love the one about your cousins and the mosh pit. It sounds like so much fun.

    Well, I am very late for an important Christmas Eve date with my family so I must go.

    Love and peace to you and your family.

  4. Hi Laura (and Mom 🙂 ) I did your Meme today… http://forum.scrapfriends.us/index.php?automodule=blog&blogid=7&showentry=721

    Thanks so much for everything!

  5. I tried to be a more patient mother.

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