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Making a List…Checking it Twice….

Laura and I spent some time this evening transferring her “paper” records to an excel spreadsheet so that we are able to keep track of who is making a difference. We have been updating it each evening by adding whatever you’ve reported in your comments here or on the blogs we’ve linked to below. If you are uncertain whether or not you are on our list, please feel free to email us at twentyfivedays(at)gmail(dot)com, and we will be able to confirm this for you. 

We are also trying to add updates to the “nice” list at the top of our home page daily, so our visitors can take a peek at all the good you are doing. It truly makes us smile!


How I Made a Difference on December 6, 2007

Today I made a difference by making lunch for Nina and I. I made a pb&j sandwitch I put an orange in and Ritz Bitz. Also I made a difference by ironing my clothes. I ironed my pants, and my shirt. I offeredto iron Nina’s clothes but she said no.

I also made a difference by sending letter to the soilders in Iraq. I sent two so far and I will send more later. You can write some letters to by going on to Let’s Say Thanks.

Today the kids in my class donated more books. Now I brought home three potato bags, and three tops bags filled to the top with books! If you would like to donate books to a nearby charity,  I recommend donating to somewhere where you know your books will be put to good use. Ours are going to Roswell Park Institute. Thank you so much for donating books if you are in my class!


This week I’ve realized that if I do good I will feel realy good about myself. I think that if  everyone did at least one good deed you will feel good and the world will also be a better place.

This week one thing  that made me feel special is when Mr. Carr wrote about me on his blog and offered to match my funds because I had no idea that that would ever happen! Also I would like to give a HUGE thanks to everyone that has written about me or has matched my funds! I am very surprised!