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Making a Difference Throughout the Year

Laura has been eager to continue using her blog as a means of encouraging others to make a difference throughout the entire year. Over the last several weeks, there has been much discussion in our home about how she might be able to do this in a way that would inspire readers to take part, offer support to causes that are meaningful to her, and remain manageable for our family over the course of an entire year.

On January 1, 2008 we will be launching a year-long campaign to make a difference for a variety of selected causes. Everyone will be invited to take part with us in a variety of different ways. Your involvement can exist within the space of a moment…a week…a month…or an entire year. You can pledge to make a donation if you wish, but Laura’s first project was about promoting service, and it is important to our family that this remains at the heart of her project as it moves forward.

The purpose of Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference was to provide Laura with the opportunity to witness just how much doing “little things” might make a difference. Laura has learned a great deal about this over the last month. She has also begun to build a small community of people who are interested in doing good things as well. We’d like to call upon this community of readers as we move forward by asking you for some important recommendations.

Laura intends to feature and serve 11 different causes over the course of the next year. She will focus on a different cause each month through next November. Details about how she intends to support these causes will be shared on January 1, 2008. And in December of next year, she will embark on round two of her original 25 day challenge.

So, how can you help right now? Send us some ideas!!!!!

We have received some lovely emails from people who have begun supporting a variety of important causes. We’ve been invited to lend a hand to these people and organizations–and we intend to. As we move forward here, our family would like to continue helping in small ways that will make the MOST difference. While Laura has been happy to donate to larger organizations like Roswell Park and the Salvation Army, she is really interested in featuring smaller and perhaps, lesser known causes as well. In this way, the little things that she intends to do might make a larger impact.

Please help us by contacting us at twentyfivedays(at)gmail(dot)com. We would love to hear about how we might be able to help a lesser-known cause that is near and dear to your heart by featuring it here and devoting a month of service to it sometime this year. Laura would love to receive your suggestions prior to January 1st. She will be making her selections on New Year’s Eve.

And please continue to visit! Laura is very excited about her plans for the year ahead, and her family is excited to be a part of them!