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The Charities Selected by the Winners!

This week, the winners of our Christmas Eve give away took some time to select the charities that they wanted their donations sent to! We are really excited about their choices!

Coco was our adult grand prize winner. She has decided to divide her prize between two different causes. Half of her money will be going to her local Safe Nest domestic violence shelter. This is something that means a lot to my mom, because her own volunteering efforts have a lot to do with ending domestic violence and protecting children who have been abused. The other half of her prize will be sent to Suneel’s Light!!!! We are really excited about this, and we know that our friend Kristen will be too! Suneel is someone who is very special to Kristen, and he lives right here in our area!!! Thank you so much, Coco.

Lillian, Duncan, Hunter, and Drew were the winners of the child grand prize. Their donation will be sent to The Huntsmen Cancer Foundation in Utah. Many people in their family have struggled with cancer, and they thought this would be a good choice as a result! And they weren’t the only ones making donations to help end cancer!

Nedra was the adult winner of the better late than never award. Her donation will be going to Roswell Park. Someone she loves was treated there. And so were some of the people that I love too. This makes me really happy.

The Duvall family won the child better late than never prize. They would like their donation to go to the Marathon, Florida Turtle Hospital! As someone who wants to be a veterinarian when I grow up, I think this is a great idea.

My mom and I have put together a spreadsheet that lists the winners, their selected charities, and the web and real addresses of the organizations where donations can be sent. We will be in touch with everyone who pledged to match my funds early next week! We need to give Mr. Jones time to meet with his class again so that they can select their charity as well.


I can’t wait to talk about what the new year will bring…….