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How I Made a Difference on December 20,2007


Today I made a difference by joining BookCrossing.com. It is a website where you can register books you have read that you are willing to share. When you register your book there, you are given an ID number for the book, which you write inside of it. Then, you can leave your books anywhere in your community. People can go to BookCrossing to see where books have been left in their neighborhood. And if someone finds the books you’ve “released into the wild” they can follow the instructions left inside each book to let you know they’ve “caught” them. This way, you can track your books and see wherever they go! Some books end up in other countries!

My third grade teacher, Mrs. Morath gave me some books to donate to Roswell’s booksale earlier this month (thank you Mrs. Morath!!!!) but it was too late because we had already delivered our books and the sale was over. My mom and I thought this was a good way to share them with others. We can register other books and release them into the wild whenever we want because we registered ourselves.

So where are our books hiding?

Tonight, we are going to leave our books at Panera Bread Company on the corner of Delaware and Sheridan. My mom is taking them there after dinner! Anyone who wants to read them can head over there, pick them up, take them home, read them, and pass them along! Just make sure you follow the instructions inside the cover of each one. I hope these books travel far!

Also! Go check out BookCrossing.com because it’s very cool!


The Classroom Challenge: Important Information

If your classroom would like to be considered for the classroom challenge giveaway on Christmas night, please be sure to email us a full explanation of how your students have used technology to make a difference. If possible, include links to websites/wikis/blogs and please let us know the name of your school, your state, and your country.

So far, we have heard from Mrs. Costello’s fifth grade class and Mr. Jones’s class…..if you are in the running, please be sure to touch base with us by December 24th! We can be contacted at twentyfivedays(at)gmail(dot)com. We are excited to hear from you!

Thank you!! Good luck to everyone!!

What Does it Mean to Make a Difference?

Several of our readers have been doing my MEME about making a difference! Coco, Dr. Cason, Kelly, and Orange Soda 2000 all have responses to my MEME up on their blogs! I am really excited about this. I hope you will go and visit their pages.

When I started this blog, you know that I only thought a few people would be reading it. The fact that so many other people are reading it is incredible. And now, people are starting to think about what it means to make a difference. They are writing about it too! I think this is really important. My mom has been teaching me a lot about how blogs can be conversations between people. It’s really great to think about things like making a difference and to share our ideas about that.

The whole point of my project is that all of us make a difference by doing little things. Everyone tries to do the sorts of things that I am doing here. I am not the only one. It’s nice that everyone is reading and saying nice things, but there are people doing way bigger and better things than I am. When I wrote about it on a blog though, it started a conversation and people started sharing what they were doing. And it is so fun and really rewarding to see how many people are doing good things in our world, because sometimes all you hear about is the bad.

I hope that you will read Coco, Dr. Cason, Kelly, and Orange Soda! And then, it would be great if you did the MEME too! If you do, let us know, and we will link back to you here so others can read what you have to say too.