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Winners of my very first contest in December 2007 are highlighted in this entry: Drumroll Please! Announcing the Winners! Congratulations and thanks to all of them for everything they did to make a difference during the holidays.

These people helped me make a difference for Ski4E, Compass House, Cheerful Givers, Project Linus, the Pajama Program, Suneel’s Light, the SPCA, the Ten Lives Club, and Roswell Park during 2008:

Kate Ellis

Theresa Gray

My mom and a lot of her teacher friends in Erie and Niagara County

My neighbors on my street who donated books

My cousin Suzanne Stockman

Rich Products

Knox Presbyterian Church

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher

The Jungs


My Aunt Kate and Uncle John Ryan

Students and Faculty at Lindbergh Elementary School in Kenmore

Erin and her students at Potters Road Elementary in West Seneca

The people at the Social Security Office of Disability, Adjucation, and Review in Buffalo

Christene Lewandowski from Project Linus

Anne Cardena from the Pajama Program

Laura R. from Tokyo

Uncle Mike McCartan and Aunt Joan Forman

An Anonymous Donor

Mrs. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Valenzuela

The Marchiole Family

The Toney Family

Emily Thomas

The Falgianos

Mrs. Waggoner

My Aunt Barb Manley and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

Dana Fontaine



Kelly Wolf

Tracy D. and her 5 year old

Stephen Phillips

Sarah Wakefield

The Aroune Family


Mrs. Nabozny’s Grade 5 Class at Lindbergh Elementary School

Mrs. Nabozny


Eoin Connolly

Tracey and Sam

Mrs. Costello’s Grade 5 Class at Lindbergh Elementary School

 Julianne Cairns

Denise Duvall

Alyssa Kramer

Evan Dowdall

Mrs. Waggoner and Evan and Nolan

Mrs. Mitchell and her mom

Mrs. Morath

Addi and Nissi


Kate Ellis

Chris and Marcus


22 Responses

  1. i love the idea of this website .i think it really incorriges people to do something to help other people and helps the world.i think everybody should make a difference ,not just in December in any day
    of the year !!!!!me and my mom always give away stuff to good will and other place that will help people .i love it !!!!!!

  2. I’ve been a long time reader of your mom’s blog and found your fantastic idea through her. Because I have younger children my family has taken this project on together. Each morning we talk about it at breakfast and brainstorm what we can do during the day. Then at night, either at dinner time or bedtime, we talk about what we did during the day to make a difference. Today my four year old held the door for a friend and my seven year old helped fill the folder and backpack of a friend who was sick. I fed 5 total stranger’s parking meters that had run out while I was running errands. You and your mom have really been an inspiration. Give her a big hug for helping you launch such a great project. Happy Holidays!

  3. Hello Laura,
    My son and I are participating but we don’t have a blog. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. i always give my old clothes to Good will and other places like hammah said it encourages us to do something right!

  5. oh yeah i forgot my whole class was playing the rice game im in Mrs. Costello’s class

  6. hi laura sorry i haven’t been on the blog as much as i used to be im trying hard to fit it in i’ll be visiting the blog only once a week now 😦 i have a state test to prepare for next weeek and other stuff coming up but Good luck with everything u do and i kno the problems u help to solve in the world will be resolved very soon in the future you change the worl in tiny things at a time
    best of wishes Marissa : )

  7. world*

  8. laura you area great person and i know that you will have a great future if you keep working at it!!!

  9. laura , i think next month mabey you can do something to help the SPCA.

  10. Hi Laura,
    I love your web site. I think it is very cool that you kept it going after the hoildays. I can’t wait till I see you again.
    Your Friend,

  11. I love this. I started by reading the article in the newspaper, and I just came to the website and loved it automatically. it’s awesome!!!!
    Your friend,

  12. Laura,
    You are an inspiration to me! I found your blog as I was reading the updates on Piper’s COTA site. You see I read the updates about the COTA babies that need liver transplants for my baby girl just received one on 12/29/07. When I followed the link to your site and read about what you are doing it simply brought me to tears…tears of joy.

    I want you to know that you are not only helping to raise funds and help people with that but you are also giving something that is so special and priceless. You are giving of yourself and your love and through this you are letting others know that they are loved and not forgotten.

    You are a treasure and I thank you for being you!

    With my greatest admiration,
    Ana Anselmo
    Proud Mami of Savannah
    “Don’t Take Your Organs to Heaven. Heaven Knows We Need Them Here!”

  13. I love your website…my teacher showed it to my class and i think your really great….well anyway hi whats up? im amy from depew middle school

  14. Now that it is the time for giving we are all starting to do what they should be doing not just during thanksgiving and christmas but all year long. We should always be polite and respect our elders. You don’t have to do something huge to make a difference,you can do something simple like clearing or setting up the table. I think what you’re doing is great. I live by the phrase “No act of kindness,however small,is ever wasted.” It seems like you live by this everyday of your life. Rock on laura, Rock on.

  15. I love that so many people have participated in your events. See you at Depew Middle school.

  16. You have reached so many people on this blog and I want to thank not only you for doing this but to all the people that participated in the contest. I look forward to this years contest.

  17. I liked your lesson today in Mrs. VanEtten’s E.L.A. class today. What you do is very great.

  18. this is a great way of immersing oneself in charity work… i’ve long been in this line but I never really realised that the web can be used for charity work… thank you very much for being this wonderful kid and for giving me this great idea of a webbie focusing on this field!

    Take care and Godbless!

  19. Thank you so much for comming to our school with your mom, you really inspired EVERYONE that you taught, even the teacher. So thank you so much for everything you have done.

  20. laura, you’ve inspired the kids in mrs. van etten’s class so much that we are starting a clothing drive for compass house!

  21. I think this is very cool. I really like that everyone is helping out around the world. But I have no idea about this program, I’m just saying random stuff. HAHA!!

  22. in my class we are planning to make a difference for homeless people

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