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Making a Difference All Over the World

Did you know that there are readers and bloggers who are making a difference all over the world now…not just in the United States? There are! And it’s really exciting to visit their blogs and receive their emails and see what they’ve been up too while they are making a difference.

Emily is a writer in London.

Dr. Cason is a doctor in Guam.

Dr. Mani and Kirtana live in India.

Ms. Vesper is a teacher in New Zealand.

Lenva Shearing is from there too!

Kate Saltfleet lives in England too.

Mar Gallego is a teacher in Spain! She wrote about me, in Spanish, on her blog!

I am really excited to see how many more countries we might hear from…I didn’t expect this to happen, and I am so glad that it has.


How Nina Made a Difference on December 11th

Today I tok down the dirty londry from upstares with out being asked. My perints like it when I do that!!!

How I Made a Difference on December 11,2007

Today I made a difference by taking a more active role in my church and my religious instruction. This week, I called the man who is organizing the altar serving schedule, and I asked if I could be an altar server again this year. He said yes! I hope that I will get to serve mass on Christmas again. I will also be bringing in cookies and a thank you card for my religion teacher tonight to thank her for all of her hard work teaching us all year.  Finally, my Aunt Barb asked if I would speak at one of her religion classes next month. She teaches high school students about social justice, and she thought maybe I’d like to talk about this blog and my contest. I told her that I’d like to do this.