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    If you are a child, please do not leave comments on my blog without supervision. Please ask a grown up to post a comment for you, using his or her email address. Our parents "screen" all of our mail and any comments that people leave on this blog before we get to see them.


I do not use my blog to advertise products, blogs, or websites that are not focused on helping others through charity or service work. I like to call attention to lesser known local charities in my area, and I also like to focus on charities that help kids and pets too. This year, I’ve had people offer to sponsor my blog if I would be willing to link to them. Please know that I will not do this if you are advertising for things like cosmetic surgery, beauty supplies, diet pills, or stuff like that. In fact, I think that the world would be a better place if we didn’t have to worry about stuff like this as much!

Sometimes, though, my readers point out really great charities to me, and I am happy to support them, write about them, and link to them, as long as they are in keeping with the sort of service work I like to do! Thank you for thinking of me!


7 Responses

  1. Another cool charitie is the Sustainable harvest international. The link is on my blog

  2. It is because of your blog that I am writing to you.

    In a world short on time and money, Good Deed FoundationTM offers people simple acts that help provide lasting solutions for women and families in poverty and climate change. Through everyday activities such as grocery shopping, recycling and going online, consumers can convert a simple act into a world of good. Help spread the word by posting the effort and posting the event on your blog.

    Now you can make a difference simply through your next trip to the grocery store. Now through October 18, Cabot Creamery is donating 5% of sales of 8 oz. Cabot cheese bars (whether or not those packages carry the Good Deed logo) sold in NY, NJ and CT to Good Deed Foundation to help provide lasting solutions for women and families living in poverty in our local communities. If this is successful, it will spark interest by other corporations to add the Good Deed logo and offer special incentives to nonprofits.

    With your help, women could lead easier lives. Nonprofits may be forced to curtail some of their programs due to the tumultuous economic environment – this effort could result in a new revenue stream to help offset tighter budgets.

    If this two-week trial with Cabot is successful, many other businesses and retail outlets are expected to collaborate with Good Deed Foundation – resulting in a new and effective funding stream for nonprofits throughout the United States. With your help, women and families can be provided with resources and skills to improve their lives.

    Would you be willing to include in your blog or eLetter:
    • a posting about the campaign and the reasons behind it (see below for sample)?
    • a Clear-the-Shelves for a Good Deed widget, which you can easily download from http://www.GoodDeedFoundation.org, so that your readers can easily visit the site for more information?

    We can’t do this alone! That’s why we’re reaching out to you. Whatever you can do, we’d certainly appreciate it. We’d also like to know what you’ve decided to do. For more information, please contact me, Karina Vigo, at 212-996-0443 or KarinaV@winklemanco.com

  3. I would be happy to give you money to give to any chairity you want. It wouldn’t be huge but sometimes it’s the little things that count.

  4. You did a very nice good with Mrs. Van Etten’s classes today. I really like to lean more about you and your blog. You inspired so many people every day. You are a big help to our world and i would like to help you too!!

  5. Hi Laura,
    I went to your blog today to learn about your trip. It sounds like you learned some special and sensitive things which you are as usual sharing. Please know how much I have learned from you. I hope that 2009 brings you and your family all the best.
    You truly make a difference to so many.

  6. Hi Mrs. Nadler
    Thank you for visiting and posting such a wonderful comment.I’m looking forward to meeting with the youth group next month and helping out with Compass House this year.

  7. I too am looking to make a difference. I worked for a local Goodwill store and was really disappointed at how they did not give to the community. Example:our local animal shelter was in need of blankets or towels and Goodwill would not help by even giving the blankets or towels they could not sell. I want to open a Thrift store that will help but I need help in doing so. I am not asking for free money. I will pay back anyone who helps twice what they loaned. I will make a difference because I care more about helping then padding my pocket.

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