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December 2008 Challenge

You can read more about how this project started on the About page. This describes how and why I started this blog in 2007 and how I use it all year long.

The December 2008 Challenge began on December 1st and runs until December 25th. This year, my sister Nina and I are working and blogging about making a difference together. We are also planning to write a little bit every day about what we are grateful for.

We would like YOU to make a difference too by doing small things every day from December 1st-25th. Whatever you do, leave a comment on that day’s post to share it with everyone else who is reading. ONE WINNER will be announced on Christmas night. This winner will be the person or family who made the most difference in December. Nina and I will do service work and fundraising for the charity of this person or family’s choice throughout the entire month of January. We will also blog about that charity here throughout the month.

You can follow us on Twitter at @twentyfivedays. It will be fun and really wonderful to read about the little things everyone does to make a difference and what they are grateful for there!

Happy Holidays! Thank you for reading!



10 Responses

  1. Today I helped a teacher with some testing. Yes, it is my job, but I know it is really making a difference for this teacher.

  2. This week, I’ll be gathering clothes together to donate to Mrs. VanEtten’s class at Depew Middle School for a clothing drive to benefit people in need.

  3. This is such a good thing to do for others! Especially around the holidays, when of course giving is always the nicest thing to do, even if it’s just a card, or a ginormous thank you! Today is my friends birthday, and I’m going to wish her a happy birthday and make her very happy 🙂

    casey 🙂

  4. Laura, I am helping too. I am doing research and i will be helping Hospice, i am going to create my own blog and i am going to see how many comments i get. On every blog i have how many comments i get i will make a blanket and donate it to hospice


  5. Hi Laura,
    today I’m thankful for good health.

    Today at work one of my new coworkers is going through some rough waters. Her mom has cancer and is rejecting the chemo therapy so she may not get better from the cancer. My coworker left work this afternoon to go see her mom and came back later in the day (we didn’t expect to see her till at least tomorrow) crying. So I wrote her a note to let her know that I have family that had to go thru cancer too, and that I sorta know how she feels, and I gave her my cellphone number and said she could call me if she needs anything.

    Take care!
    Greg G

  6. I have a student who is a senior and trying to graduate. Last year she had a baby and her mom kicked her out of the house. She now lives with her dad who can’t keep a steady job. The baby’s father has decided it is too much of a problem to help her out since he now has a new girlfriend. I have began purchasing whatever the baby needs which is great but we forget about the mom. The student told me recently she was going to have to quit school because her tires are bad on her car (she has to drive 15 miles to school as we are a rural school). I purchased 2 tires for her car and told her where to take it to have them out on. I am waiting for funds to get her two more. I purchased her graduation gown and tassel so she can walk across the stage in May. I will continue doing whatever I can to help her get through school.


  7. […] The December 2008 Challenge!! « 25 Days to Make a Difference […]

  8. Hi Laura,
    I have been telling people all over my school to come and check out your website. So far almost everyone that I told has said that they liked your website. I have also been telling them about my website http://www.gogreengroup.synthasite.com. And my friends and I have been dooing alot to help the enviroment. My friend won an art contesrt in our school and she donated money to the SPCA! I was so happy for her. I am also going to start making cards fo soilders and tell them that we are all thinking of them and hope that they can rturn home safely.
    I hope that you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday:^)
    Your friend,

  9. Hello, Laura!
    I just wanted to give you an update on how things went last night. I’d been asked to help teach my parish’s young people about social justice (Learn about a situation and good solutions, Act to help people or to change conditions that are not just, and Reflect). I used your blog and site to show how young people can make a big difference in the world. It’s challenging to take that first step to ACTION! The kids and our teachers we very impressed and encouraged to see what you, and they, can do. Thank you for showing us one way to do that.

    We taught 14 groups and in each one, I could show everyone how many hits had been made on your blog just during class. In the 3 hours of our learning sessions, 47 hits were made and about 160 people went through “your” station!

    Our patron saint is St. Therese the Little Flower. She was made a Doctor of the Church for teaching us all how “To do little things with great Love.” That’s just what you’re doing. You honor your grandfather in such a lovely way. Thanks!

  10. That’s right keep up the good work.

    Soon eveyone will be tring to make a difference in the world.

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