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How I Made a Difference on December 13,2007


Oliver and my fish, Sushi

Today I made a difference by cleaning my fish’s fish bowl. It used to be really yucky water! When I clean the bowl, which is shaped like a fish, I put my real fish, Sushi, in a big white bowl. It takes me about 15 minuets to clean her bowl.

I got Sushi at a fair. I won her by playing this game where you try to throw ping pong balls in these tiny plastic bowls. I got her on the 4th of July. It was really hot where I live! My parents can’t believe Sushi has survived as long as she has. She’s awesome.

I have a cat whose name is Oliver. Oli is his nickname. Oli likes to watch the fish all night long. He likes to wake me up and show me how much he likes to play. I get really mad at him sometimes when he wakes me up in the middle of the night because he’s playing with my fish! I can’t do anything about it though because my fish bowl didn’t come with a lid. It’s about thirty years old. I also hate closing my door when I sleep.

 I really love my fish!