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Contest News and Matching Funds

Today, I received an email message from Mr. Roger Carr, who has offered to “match” my funds for the Christmas charity donation give away! THANK YOU MR. CARR! Also, his blog is very neat, and I think you should go see it right now. And, Laura (great name), Gabrielle, and Laurie, the founders of Sk*rt have also offered to make a similar match! Finally, two AWESOME TEACHERS FROM STARPOINT CENTRAL SCHOOL have added another $25.00 to our total. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Fisher!!! So, as of today, our Christmas day charity give away will be for $100.00 instead of just $25.00. Wow!!!!

Also! My mom and I decided that it might be fun to host a badge contest for the Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference challenge, since a few of you have suggested we create blog badges. You can find information about the contest here! My parents have matched my funds as well, so a twenty five dollar charity donation prize is attached to this as well. I hope we get some good ideas (mostly because my mom has no idea how to do this)!


How I Made a Difference on December 2

Today I made a difference by recycling pop cans. This made a difference because recycling leads to less garbage and it is less wasteful. If everyone in the world recycled instead of throwing things out, our environment would be healthier.


I made $13.20, and I donated it to Suneel’s Light. Suneel is a boy about my age who has Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. His organization is working for a cure. At first, I thought about donating to the Salvation Army, but then I thought about my friend Kristen and her role in Suneel’s life. Kristen is Suneel’s tutor and friend. She also helps with Suneel’s Light. One thing that you can do to help fight MD and support Suneel is to use Good Search as your web search engine rather than things like Google. Please select Suneel’s Light as your chosen charity. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!


A Message from “The Mom”

I am amazed and overwhelmed by the response that Laura has received since launching her blog less than twenty-four hours ago. Today, Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference was listed as one of the fastest growing blogs on WordPress! Almost 1,000 readers have stopped by to find out what this project is all about….and we are very excited to see how far-reaching Laura’s call for good will and charitable deeds might be.

I’m off to help Laura clean out our garage, return our bottles, and donate the money to The Salvation Army….today’s effort to make a small difference. This act was inspired by our fabulous friends, the Toney family, who we will be writing much more about later. This summer Laura’s friend, Andrew Toney, served as a tremendous role model for her when he won a fundraising contest for our local Tourette’s Syndrome foundation. All of the money was raised by returning bottles all summer long! So thank you to Andrew and his mom for inspiring us today. Laura will be back later to share her daily post and to tell some of your stories as well.

We used to look forward to cards during the holidays…and we still do. But your email messages have been filled with amazing acts of kindness, generosity, and well-wishes. Thank you for making the start of our holiday season so bright!