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How I Made a Difference on December 23,2007

Today I made a difference by putting together some old clothes, new toys and boots to donate to the St. Vincet de Paul society. Click here to see the link. My church encourages people to donate to St. Vincent de Paul all year long. They even have a clothing bin box behind the school. Tomorrow, my dad will help me out by taking me there to drop off all of our things! My church works all year long to collect and donate food to their pantry, too. It is a very special organization, and I imagine that at this time of year, they need as many donations as they can get!
Christmas Eve Commenting!
The best thing about keeping this blog has been reading your messages to see what you have to say and what cool things you’ve been doing to make a difference. It makes me really happy, and I know that it makes others who are reading this happy too. I think it would be really fun if everyone who visits this site–whether you are a new reader or someone who has been participating since the beginning–answers the following question by leaving me a comment!
Out of all of the things that you did to make a difference for someone or something this holiday season, which one made you happiest and why?
I’m really looking forward to reading all of your answers. And remember, you do not have to be participating in my contest to take part. Just click on the comments box right under the title of today’s post to leave a message! I’m excited to see how many we might get! This will make for some fun reading on Christmas Eve!
Also, if you haven’t had a chance, please vist Lillian, Duncan, Hunter, and Drew’s blog! They did my meme! Thank you!!!! Also, you can do the Meme too… and I’ll link to your blog if you let me know (and your site is appropriate, my mom reminds me). Here are Duncan, Hunter, and Drew’s responses!
1. In your opinion, what does it mean to make a difference?

Drew: Making a difference could be something small like going and shoveling your neighbors drive way or it could be something big like donating $500 dollars to charity.
Lillian: Making a difference often starts out small and grows from there. One little thing done by just one person can have a snowball effect – or not. Sometimes it stays small but meaningful.

2. What is an example of a unique way to make a difference?

Drew: I think that a fun and unique way to make a difference is to do something as small as getting a little gift for an elderly neighbor cause even if it’s small it could make all the difference.
Lillian: I think every opportunity to do something for a specific person is a unique opportunity. There are many ways to be one person among many, but those are the general opportunities. It’s those little things that become not only unique but extra special.

3. Who has made a difference in YOUR life this week?

Drew: My grandma is making a difference in my life every day by giving and helping me with so many things that I do on a daily basis.
Lillian: SO MANY people make a difference to me every day! As we’ve been doing this I’ve noticed that I could make a list each day of what other people do for me. It is very humbling. Sometimes it’s also frustrating because I want to say, “Stop! Stop helping me and let me help you!”

4. If I didn’t have a blog, would you still be making a difference

Drew: I might but I don’t think it would be anywhere near to as big as it is with the blog.
Lillian: Probably, but we wouldn’t think about it nearly as much, and we would likely be much less diligent at looking for opportunities. This has been a fun and enlightening experience!

5. What is your favorite thing about the internet?

Drew: It lets me learn things and do stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. Plus I can talk to my friends on MSN.
Lillian: Two things: 1. Information. When I don’t know something I know I can find it online! It drives me nuts when our internet service is down and I can’t take a few minutes to look something up. How did we ever survive without it? 2. Relationships. I have made some of my best friendships online, and continued or renewed others that would otherwise have been lost. Email, blogs, online gaming, IM, Twitter, and Web 2.0 sites like Facebook have given me vast opportunities to build and support relationships. I think it’s wonderful.


8 Responses

  1. Hi Laura today at school we had a Christmas party and my friend does not celebrate holidays so she had to go to the library all day so when she came back someone said that they got gum ( because someone passed out gum for the party ) and some people left candy for her in a bag and she didn’t get gum so she was sad so i gave her mine and i felt really good to give that to her.

  2. My sister is in a lot of debt, so much that she can’t afford to do anything. My wife and I got her a gift card to the department store for $50. The reason it feels so good is because she is making a lot of sacrifices and changing her life to get out of debt, and so we can help her get some new clothes.

  3. “Out of all of the things that you did to make a difference for someone or something this holiday season, which one made you happiest and why?”

    Hi Laura!

    The thing that I did that made me the most happiest this holiday season was meeting with each and every one of my paraprofessionals face-to-face on our last day before Christmas break, giving them all hugs, telling them how much they mean to me, and thanking them for all of their hard work.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for reminding me how easy it is to make a difference in someone’s life!

  4. I haven’t been good at posting ‘difference’ posts on my blog lately, because I haven’t been doing much ‘different’ – I added the Animal Rescue Site click page to my tabs after your post about it a few days ago (last week?) so I’ve been clicking a few times a day now on Animal Rescue Site, Breast Cancer Site, and also Feed the Hungry (forgetting their exact name but that’s the gist of it) sites.

    Out of all of the things that you did to make a difference for someone or something this holiday season, which one made you happiest and why?

    Honestly? The $25 that YOU are sending to Oheb Shalom pantry on my behalf for creating the ‘button’ for this challenge made me the happiest. We have been wanting to support that ministry financially for a long while and haven’t been able to – it feels SO good to know we found a way to help them this year after all!

  5. Hi Laura,

    We spoke to the kids Grandparents yesterday and in lieu of gifts we asked them to donate the money to a charity organization of their choice. They chose St. Jude Hospital. I’m so happy that they gave. It feels so much better to know that they were helping someone. In lieu of gifts for them we bought gifts for a family in need here in Guam.

    Also everyone in my home made a difference today by cleaning the house!

    Tomorrow for Christmas (remember we’re a day ahead of you all!) I’ll set aside things to donate to the salvation army. We don’t need to double our possessions. We can redistribute to those who made need things as well!

    Take care,

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Laura,

    CJ got his box just a few minutes ago!!!! He loves everything! Those cookies not only taste great but they smell amazing. I managed to “sneak” a Twizzler when he wasn’t looking.

    Will blog about it on Wednesday but wanted to let you know right away!

    Look for pics. 🙂


  7. Hi Laura, What a wonderful thing you’ve done. You have brought thought and excitment to so many people. I hope you will find a way to continue this.

    I have been thinking about what I did this holiday season to make a difference…I think it is not something I did just this season but something I do throughout the year. I count my blessings, no losses, and as a school counselor, I always encourage the kids to count their blessings, too. Some pop their heads in my door just to tell me about what they’re counting.

    You are blessed to be a blessing,

  8. Laura,

    I just read about what you are doing in today’s Buffalo News…what a cool and amazing project! It must make you feel wonderful to make such a difference.

    In response to your question about making a difference and “what makes you the happiest and why”, I would say how I have helped my mother, who is 85.

    My mother lived near Baltimore, MD, for many years. About 4 years ago, she became very sick and I thought she might die. I left my job for 2 months to stay with her while she was in the hospital and then in rehab. When she was ready to leave the hospital, she was no longer able to take care of herself without help, so I brought her back to Buffalo to live with me. It was quite an adjustment for both of us, but mom was happy to be with me and I was happy to be able to take care of her. Since then, she has moved into an assisted living facility that she loves in Fredonia, and I visit her often and bring her up to Buffalo for holidays and for fun weekend trips. It makes me feel good that I am able to comfort my mother the way she comforted me when I was a child. She is a remarkable person. Whenever she asks me what she can give me for Christmas, I tell her that the very best gift she can give me is to “stay healthy and happy.” The time we have together is precious.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Laura, and I’m sure you will continue to “make a difference” in the new year.


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