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How I Made a Difference on December 10, 2007

To The Cafeteria Lunch Monitors at Lindbergh Elementary  

Dear Monitors,

Thank you for all you’ve done at Lindbergh Elementary. You may not notice but we really appreciate it! Through all of the six years I’ve been at Lindbergh Elementary I have noticed as I get older and move on that you make rules and consequences to keep the students safe. Like when you made the rule that when students throw their trash out they have to walk around the table instead of all of us jumping up and throwing the trash out all at once, you made that not only for the people who are throwing stuff out but for everyone in the cafeteria’s safety, and I hadn’t noticed that until now.

 All of the monitors are kind and generous because they take time out of their lives to do a very challenging job (just think about having about four lunch monitors and about 90 kids).  They put their time and effort into EVERYONE   and  EVERYTHING to keep students safe. I don’t think they get appreciated enough. They really care!

Our cafeteria is a wonderful place. The people who make our lunches work hard to make sure that the food we eat is really healthy. The win a lot of prizes for this in competitions in our state! We are very lucky.

Right now, JTM foods is holding a national contest. They are offering a kitchen renovation to the school cafeteria that wins its recipe contest. My school has entered its recipe for Macho Nachos! These are AWESOME! Nina and I LOVE them. They do not have yucky greasy meat on them or a lot of gross stuff like some nachos do. Macho Nachos are made with brown rice and vegetarian beans and salsa. They are YUMMY! They aren’t totally healthy of course (they ARE nachos) but my mom and dad say once in a while, it is okay to buy lunch and we love MACHO NACHOS! I know lots of kids from my school are reading this now, so I wanted to remind everyone to vote!

Please please please go here and vote for Macho Nachos to win the contest! It is recipe 6 (out of 10)…make sure you are voting for the right one! SAY THAT YOU “LOVE IT” AND MY SCHOOL COULD WIN A KITCHEN RENOVATION! Everyone in our cafeteria really works hard and they deserve to win! And also, the rest of the world deserves to know that Macho Nachos are the best!