Thank You!

Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference started sixteen months ago. When I started my blog, I didn’t expect anyone other than my family to read it. It’s been amazing to me that so many people have read and helped to support the charities that I like. I’ve learned that I really love doing service work, and I plan to continue doing that. I also like using technology in different ways, and I plan to do that too. I’m taking a break from blogging here though, for now. The attention that I’ve gotten for doing this has been a big surprise. I have really enjoyed blogging here, but my family and friends know that I was hoping to find a bigger group of people to focus on service work with, so I was part of a group and not just doing things on my own. I’m really thankful for the help everyone has given me here. I will miss doing this!

I’m very excited because JJenny Luca has started an online community for students and teachers who are making a difference. I hope you will think about joining that bigger community and sharing what you do to make a difference. I plan to!


5 Responses

  1. I will definitely miss reading your blog but I know you’ll be doing amazing work! You are quite the inspiration. Thanks for doing this blog. I loved it the minute I saw the title for the first time.

  2. Cool blog laura! I really like it, keep going! This is really cool…can I add you to my blogroll?

  3. […] can learn from students.  Some students like ten-year-old Laura Stockman are actually making “a […]

  4. […] blog postings in the Thing 4 assignment, which I read (From The Twitter;  25 Days to Make a Difference; in the Classroom; and, The Myth of the Digital Native), were interesting, and covered an array of […]

  5. you’ve got a cool blog i found it by google it was the third link
    but anyway its got a good cause and its also a very good positive digital footprint.

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