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Drumroll Please…Announcing the Winner of the Badge Contest

Several of you have left email messages or comments suggesting that we design a badge that you can post on your blogs to announce your participation in our contest. Tonight, I want to give a big shout out to Lynne Anne Cutler who graciously donated her sleeping time and crafty talents to provide Laura with this beautiful little badge:


Now, please don’t ask me how to enable this badge with HTML. I have no clue. You can, however, paste it up on your blog…and if you know how to link it back to this site, that would be wonderful! I believe that I could pull this off in WordPress, but I am uncertain how it would work with other blogging tools.

And I’m begging all of my bloggy friends out there……Emily? Coco? Stephanie? Ally? LM? Chani? Anyone? I could really use some help powering this thing, if anyone knows how. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy letting it simply look real cute on all of your pages. It will have a permanent home on the badge contest page, and when Lynne names her charity, we’ll put that up there as well!

Thank you!! And Happy Chanukah!



How I Made a Difference on December 4,2007


Uncle Mike and Aunt Joanie

My Uncle Mike and Aunt Joanie aren’t exactly my uncle and aunt. They are really close friends of my family. But, they love me like an uncle and an aunt and I love them too!!! My favorite memory of my Aunt Joanie is when we slept over at her house and we played “war”. Nobody was the “bad guys” though. They were imagined. I was the assisstant captain and Aunt Joanie was the head of command. We used cat toys as bombs and full water bottles as missles. It was a “use your imagination game” that everyone loved!

I got to play this with Aunt Joanie because she survived breast cancer.

My good deed is to ask you to visit the Team Why Mommy site and think about joining! This is the home of a new mom who is fighting inflammatory breast cancer. Joining Team Why Mommy would be an easy way to make a diffrence today! My mom is doing this today, for sure. You can also go here like I am going to. This is a site where you can click to donate free mammagrams for those who can’t afford them. Please help other kids like me build memories with the women they love by keeping them healthy!

Today is the deadline for the badge contest. There is a $25 dollar charity giveaway attached to this. Please please please save my mother’s sanity and take part! Otherwise, you may have to put up a really lame badge because she can’t design these things.


When I began this site on December 1st, I did not ever imagine that so many people would want to participate. I really only thought about giving away one prize to one person who made the most difference during the month of December. I was planning on donating my allowance, which is $25, for the month. Since then, we’ve had offers from people who are matching my funds. And we’ve also been happy to see both children and adults participating.

My mom and I have been talking this over, and we have agreed that we would like to give out two Grand Prizes: one for a grown-up and one for a child.

We are also planning on giving two smaller prizes called Better Late Than Never Prizes for anyone who might join us later on in the month. We want everyone to know they can make a difference, even if they don’t find my site for a while!

Grown-ups are sometimes able to do things that seem “bigger” and this is good. I am excited to see what all of the grown ups can do. For example, I know that a lot of grown ups can drive places to volunteer or make donations. Kids need a lot of help to do the things that grown ups do. I want to make sure that every child who has made a difference by doing small good deeds this month has a chance to win, even if they can’t drive a car to return bottles or volunteer in a soup kitchen or make a donation of any kind. It felt great to know that one little boy rescued a cat and that another shoveled snow, just like I did! I also know that I’m lucky because my parents are helping to take me places. Maybe some kids aren’t. I still want them to have a chance too.

In order to be a Grand Prize winner (adult or child) you have to make the biggest difference between now and Christmas by participating at least three days a week. If you participate more, it greatly increases your chances of winning.

In order to qualify for the Better Late Than Never prizes, you have to make a big difference by participating three days a week from the time you announce your decision to participate. You can do this by emailing us at twentyfivedays(at)gmail(dot)com or by leaving me a comment.

My mom and I hope that by offering these prizes, everyone will feel more encouraged to participate.