How I Made a Difference on December 12,2007

Today I made a difference by volunteering to help my friend Andrew and his mom put out a big mailing for the Greater New York State Tourette’s Syndrome Association. They are having a fundraiser and they need lables put on about 500 letters! I am going to do this with Andrew and his mom over Christmas break.

This is important to my good friend Andrew because he has Tourette’s Syndrome. I’ve known Andrew since I was 3. In the summer, we play every single day. Andrew is very smart and creative and loves computer stuff. A lot of people make assumptions about people who have Tourette’s because sometimes they have tics and people don’t understand them.

You should know that tics are things that people do repeatedly. Sometimes a tic might be really noticeable but sometimes they aren’t at all. Andrew is fortunate because his tics aren’t noticeable at all to most people! The people at our local Tourette’s foundation are lucky because Andrew does a lot of charity work to support this important organization. This summer, he won a Wii because he raised so much money for Tourette’s! Maybe someday he will do this too! I think he would be good at it.


3 Responses

  1. Helping with mailings is a really, really important job. Charities always need help with those jobs. Well done!

  2. Laura, I really enjoy reading about how you’re supporting your friends with their charities! I know they appreciate all your help.

  3. It’s fun to do!

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