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Chaught Making a Difference (and much much more)


Laura R. is from Australia but lives in Japan. She works at an international pre-school and she has also been reading my blog too. This week Laura sent me a big box of things including notebooks for my sister and I, two pencils, origami paper and a whole lot of card making supplies like stamps and paper and stickers. I was really surprised! The label on the delivery box was really cool, too, because it was written in Japanese.

These card making supplies are going to be put to good use too! On Monday, I had a short meeting with our friend Kristen and one of the great ladies who runs Suneel’s Light. Her name is Cheryl. They are planning a huge card-making event and a lot of kids are going to be taking part in it, including me! We will be making cards to send as thank you gifts to those who make donations to Suneel’s Light. I am really excited that they asked me to help out. I am planning to donate a lot of what Laura sent to use at this event.

Thank you SO MUCH Laura! I was really surprised by your generosity. I want you to know that I plan to pay it forward too!

I also heard from a teacher named Erin this week. She teaches in West Seneca, and she has been collecting pajamas for the Pajama Project this month! I was so excited to hear about this. I plan to write a lot  more about this as soon as I talk with her and find out more about the work that she has done!

There are only a few more days left of this 25 Day Challenge! If you have done ANYTHING to make a difference for The Pajama Project or Project Linus this month, please let me know. Those who make the most difference this month can win a donation to the charity of their own choice!


National Make a Blanket Day: Helping Project Linus!

This Saturday I am going to go to National Make A Blanket Day to support Project Linus. Christene Lewandowski, our local organizer, invited me to come and make a tied fleece blanket to donate! I am also planning on donating my bottle return money as well. I’ve still been collecting this month, and my Aunt Kate, Uncle Mike McCartan, and our neighbors the Jungs are all helping me so far! Thank you. The blankets go to kids in our area who could use something to snuggle with. I am really excited about going to this because I get to meet some people that I am helping this month.

Also, my school already got a TON of books and PJ’s for the Pajama Program and I am really happy because it really makes a huge difference for the Pajama Program and I couldn’t do this by myself! Thank YOU everyone who has been donating! Please leave a comment here if you want to and let everyone know how you’ve helped!!!!

Remember that those who make the most difference this month, whether you are one person or a group, will win a donation to the charity of your choice! You have to let me know who you are and how you have helped out Project Linus or the Pajama Program this month. Thanks!!!

Winners of the February Giveaway!

Tonight, I picked the winners of the February Valentine card giveaway contest. Everyone who helped to spread awareness of my blog was entered into a random drawing to win five handmade cards, including people who voted for me at the Blogger’s Choice Awards, people who wrote about my site, and people who asked their friends to read too. The winners are:

  • Mrs. Toney
  • Emily
  • Elaine Eppler
  • Coco
  • Peggy Swiat

Thank you so much for helping me, everyone! I am learning a lot about what helps to increase the number of readers I have this month. I am going to write something soon about everything I’ve learned!

Emily!!! Can you please email me your address? We are going to the post office tomorrow!

Good News!!

Today I got some books and pajamas for The Pajama Program from school! I am really excited about this, and I have a feeling that I am going to get more things tommorow. I think that Mrs.Parsons really helped with this beacuse she put the pj and book drive on our school calendar, reminding everyone to donate books and pj’s. THANK YOU MRS. PARSONS!!!

Yesterday, my friend Sarah W. sent me a great link to a website that you can click every day in order to help animals. Please click over here and make a free donation! Thank you Sarah!

Tomorrow is the last day to be entered in my February giveaway! If you do any one of the things listed in this post to help spread awareness of my blog, you can win a pack of handmade Valentine cards ready for giving away. I will be announcing the winners on Friday!

How Other Kids are Making a Difference

When I started my website I thought that it would be hard for kids like me to really make a difference in the world. But, over the last week, I’ve been doing some research. I learned that there are many kids who are making really big differences and I am going to write about two girls who inspire me a lot.

Alice makes Frou Frou Flip Flops.


 They are flip flops decorated with ribbons and buttons that come in all sizes, colors and patterns. They look really cool, and soon, I am going to get a pair of them myself. She works hard all year long with her mom to hand make them and uses her profits to donate to a charity of her choice. I think that that is really cool because I know a lot of kids who would want to keep that money for themselves. Alice is also learning a lot about running a website and a business too, I think.

Mackenzie runs Children to Children.


Children to Children is an organization that collects duffle bags to give to foster children. Sometimes when foster children move from one place to another, they are asked to put their belongings in trash bags. That is really really sad. Mackenzie thought so too, and so she started a service project. Children to Children started out small but turned into a huge organazation. Now, there are chapters all over the world. I am going to be supporting Children to Children for one of my monthly causes this year, because we have a local chapter where I live.

I would also like to spend some time every month sharing stories about kids who are making a difference, like Alice and Mackenzie, on my blog because I think that would be cool. It is hard to believe all the good that kids can do. So please leave me a comment or e-mail me at twentyfivedays(at)gmail(dot)com and share your stories! I will write about them here.

This morning my mom helped me redesign my blog. I did a lot of this myself. I know that this blog looks really hard to make, but it isn’t at all. WordPress does all of the work for us. All we have to do is use something that is just like Microsoft Word. Today, all on my own, I chose my template, rewrote many of my pages, uploaded and cropped a picture for my header (thank you Mrs. Toney!) and renamed some of my pages so they would fit across the top.

I write all my entries by myself now, but my mom does help me by editing my spelling. This has really helped me learn to spell some words better, especially when I am writing them over and over. Like, last month I  finally learned how to spell difference and veterinarian correctly. I also like looking at my word count! Today I wrote 658 words.

This has been a fun family project! I really hope that other kids will start blogging too! If you have a blog that you would like me to visit, please let me know. I can even link to it here too, if your parents or your teachers say it is okay. I know that there are some blogs out there written by kids who are trying to make a difference, because when they write about me and link to me, I see it on my dashboard and go visit them. My friend Orange Soda has a blog, too! I hope my other friends and readers will blog about making a difference with me throughout the year. Just send me your link! And remember, that your site has to be 100% family friendly or else my mom won’t approve it.