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Donations for Compass House, the Pajama Project, and Project Linus

This week, several people made donations to causes that I really care about, and they emailed me to let me know. So, I wanted to pass this along to all of you.

First of all, I want to thank Leslie for running her Haiku contest this month online. I offered a $15 donation to one of the winners of her contest, and when the winner was announced, she donated this money to Compass House, in addition to two other donations! So, because of Leslie, Compass House received a $45 donation already, and it isn’t even March yet!

I also received a great email from someone who asked that they not be recognized on my blog. This person donated $50 to the Pajama Project! This is the same person who sent me the anonymous tip about the Pajama Program way back in December, which is why I chose to help this cause. Thank you!!!!!

And I have a lot of bottles in my garage right now. My neighbor, Mr. Jung, also has bottle receipts for me too. All of my bottle return money will be donated to Project Linus this month. I will be updating the total amount earned this weekend, after I return all of those bottles. I have to count them yet!


Chaught Making a Difference (and much much more)


Laura R. is from Australia but lives in Japan. She works at an international pre-school and she has also been reading my blog too. This week Laura sent me a big box of things including notebooks for my sister and I, two pencils, origami paper and a whole lot of card making supplies like stamps and paper and stickers. I was really surprised! The label on the delivery box was really cool, too, because it was written in Japanese.

These card making supplies are going to be put to good use too! On Monday, I had a short meeting with our friend Kristen and one of the great ladies who runs Suneel’s Light. Her name is Cheryl. They are planning a huge card-making event and a lot of kids are going to be taking part in it, including me! We will be making cards to send as thank you gifts to those who make donations to Suneel’s Light. I am really excited that they asked me to help out. I am planning to donate a lot of what Laura sent to use at this event.

Thank you SO MUCH Laura! I was really surprised by your generosity. I want you to know that I plan to pay it forward too!

I also heard from a teacher named Erin this week. She teaches in West Seneca, and she has been collecting pajamas for the Pajama Project this month! I was so excited to hear about this. I plan to write a lot  more about this as soon as I talk with her and find out more about the work that she has done!

There are only a few more days left of this 25 Day Challenge! If you have done ANYTHING to make a difference for The Pajama Project or Project Linus this month, please let me know. Those who make the most difference this month can win a donation to the charity of their own choice!

National Make a Blanket Day: Helping Project Linus!


Today, I went to National Make a Blanket day to make blankets for my local chapter of Project Linus. In the picture above, I am holding the first blanket that I made, and the chairperson of our Project Linus, Christene Lewandowski, is standing with me.

I liked Christene a lot. She was really friendly and she made me feel really happy and relaxed. I was kind of nervous going here, because my mom and I didn’t really know anyone, but she made me feel less nervous. I was still kind of shy though. I also met Karen Weisharr, and she helps Christene. She sat with me and talked to me for most of the time that I was there.

This day was so much fun. In the beginning, they introduced themselves to me and gave me a packet of great information about Project Linus, which I will share below, in case people want to help. There was a raffle too! I won a Crayola gift basket. There was great food and pop and cookies too. It was kind of like a big party! I didn’t know how to sew, but I made a tied fleece blanket, and it was really easy. I plan to do this again next year too. For more information about how you can participate in something like this, look here.

I learned a lot about Project Linus today too. Last year, these women donated 2,644 blankets in our area to children who have needed them. Many of these children have been badly hurt in some way, and these blankets help them not to be so sad. Today, these women made over 200 blankets! I made three with my mom. It was a lot of fun.

I plan to donate my bottle returning money to Project Linus this month, so if you have bottles, please let me know. I am also planning on making more tied fleece blankets at home this month and all year now too.

There is a lot that you can do to help too!  If you want to help, make a blanket or a quilt for a child ages newborn through teenager. You can also donate fabric, yarn, or batting. The chapter also accepts donations of postage stamps, gift cards to craft stores, and monetary donations too.

You can donate the blankets you make or material at any of these drop off locations in Western New York:

AC Moore in Blasdell or Amherst

Carriage Quilt Shoppe in East Aurora

Embraceable Ewe in Hamburg

Heartland Quilt Shop in Lockport

Jo-Ann Etc. in Amherst, Blasdell, or Williamsville

Marie’s Sewing Center in Lockport

Pine Grove Quilt Shop in Kenmore

Shear Satisfaction in Hamburg

Donations can be made to Project Linus of Erie and Niagara County NY, care of Christene Lewandowski 5445 Columbia Avenue, Hamburg NY 14075.

And guess what? If you want to know more about Project Linus and our chapter, you can also read Roger Carr’s Everyday Giving Blog. He recently interviewed Christene Lewandowski! Thank you!!!!!!

If you are making a difference for Project Linus this month, please let me know! The person who makes the most difference will win a donation to his or her favorite charity at the end of the month.

National Make a Blanket Day: Helping Project Linus!

This Saturday I am going to go to National Make A Blanket Day to support Project Linus. Christene Lewandowski, our local organizer, invited me to come and make a tied fleece blanket to donate! I am also planning on donating my bottle return money as well. I’ve still been collecting this month, and my Aunt Kate, Uncle Mike McCartan, and our neighbors the Jungs are all helping me so far! Thank you. The blankets go to kids in our area who could use something to snuggle with. I am really excited about going to this because I get to meet some people that I am helping this month.

Also, my school already got a TON of books and PJ’s for the Pajama Program and I am really happy because it really makes a huge difference for the Pajama Program and I couldn’t do this by myself! Thank YOU everyone who has been donating! Please leave a comment here if you want to and let everyone know how you’ve helped!!!!

Remember that those who make the most difference this month, whether you are one person or a group, will win a donation to the charity of your choice! You have to let me know who you are and how you have helped out Project Linus or the Pajama Program this month. Thanks!!!

Winners of the February Giveaway!

Tonight, I picked the winners of the February Valentine card giveaway contest. Everyone who helped to spread awareness of my blog was entered into a random drawing to win five handmade cards, including people who voted for me at the Blogger’s Choice Awards, people who wrote about my site, and people who asked their friends to read too. The winners are:

  • Mrs. Toney
  • Emily
  • Elaine Eppler
  • Coco
  • Peggy Swiat

Thank you so much for helping me, everyone! I am learning a lot about what helps to increase the number of readers I have this month. I am going to write something soon about everything I’ve learned!

Emily!!! Can you please email me your address? We are going to the post office tomorrow!

Good News!!

Today I got some books and pajamas for The Pajama Program from school! I am really excited about this, and I have a feeling that I am going to get more things tommorow. I think that Mrs.Parsons really helped with this beacuse she put the pj and book drive on our school calendar, reminding everyone to donate books and pj’s. THANK YOU MRS. PARSONS!!!

Yesterday, my friend Sarah W. sent me a great link to a website that you can click every day in order to help animals. Please click over here and make a free donation! Thank you Sarah!

Tomorrow is the last day to be entered in my February giveaway! If you do any one of the things listed in this post to help spread awareness of my blog, you can win a pack of handmade Valentine cards ready for giving away. I will be announcing the winners on Friday!

Ways to Win Free Cards or a Charitable Donation

Already, I have several people entered in my first weekly giveaway contest. You can win too, by doing ONE thing to help spread awareness of my blog. Find out what you can do here. Those of you who have voted for me on the Bloggers Choice Awards you are automatically entered!! Voting is open until almost the end of the year, and I have been in a tight race for first place, so I really appreciate all of your votes!

Tomorrow, I am starting my pajama drive at my school to support the Pajama Program. I would like to say THANK YOU TO MY PRINCIPAL MRS.PARSONS for helping me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN ENTERED IN THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE TOO!

Also! I am still collecting bottles this month! So far, I know that our neighbors, the Jungs, and my Aunt Kate and Uncle John have bottles for me. All of my bottle money this month will be donated to Project Linus!

Remember that there are chapters of the Pajama Project and Project Linus all over the place, and whether you support the Buffalo chapters with me or your own local chapter in some way, please let me know! You could win this month’s 25 Day Challenge!

Your Turn to Make a Difference: Win the February 25 Days to Make a Difference Contest!

This month, I am helping to support our local chapters of The Pajama Project and Project Linus! There is a lot that you can do to support your local chapters as well!

If you live in my area, you can organize a pajama and book drive, or fundraise and donate money directly to their organizations, or even simply SPREAD AWARENESS! Mrs. Cardena said that because her chapter of the Pajama Project is so new and the demand for pajamas is so high, she really needs to get the word out in our area about what she is trying to do! This is a great service project for groups, families, and even just one person!

If you don’t live in my area, there are local chapters of the Pajama Project just about everywhere! You can help your local chapter out too and still be entered to win a prize in my challenge.

This works the same way with Project Linus! You can help our local chapter by making and donating handmade blankets for babies, children, and teenagers. You can also make a donation directly to their organization! And there are chapters of Project Linus all over the USA!

The individual who makes the most difference for one of these organizations in February will win a $20 donation to any charity of your choice!

The group that makes the most difference for one of these organizations will also win an additional $20 donation to a charity of their choice!

I will also link to you on my site and list you on my sidebar too, so everyone who visits this page can see how you are making a difference too!

If you want to join in this 25 day challenge, please email me or leave a comment on this site so I know this!

To Kick Off A New Month

This month I am supporting the Pajama Program and Project Linus!!!!! The Pajama Program donates pajamas and books to local homeless shelters and other organizations that care for children in need. Our local Pajama Program is run by a woman named Ann Cardena. She just started our local chapter in OCTOBER OF 2007! She would really like help spreading awareness of the Pajama Program too! Even though Mrs. Cardena started out helping just four area organizations in need, she told me that in order to keep up, they need about 850 pair of pajamas per month!

Those who run Project Linus make blankets to donate to children who are very sick, homeless, or who have been abused. We have been talking with Christene Lewandowski from our local chapter, and she has given me some ideas for helping to support them!

I am supporting the Pajama Program at school by holding a pajama drive and asking everyone in my school to donate NEW pajamas that will fit babies, children, and teenagers. They can also donate NEW BOOKS. My principal, Mrs. Parsons, has been a really big help to me as I get ready to do this. Thank you, Mrs. Parsons!

Also, my daddy is supporting  the Pajama Program by also holding a pajama drive at his office too!! I am supporting Project Linus by going to Make a Blanket Day at a local firehall to make tied blankets all day on February 16. I AM REALLY PUMPED UP ABOUT THIS!!! I will also be holding another bottle drive this month and will be donating the money to the Pajama Project and Project Linus. SO PLEASE CONTINUE TO DONATE YOUR BOTTLES TO ME!

REMEMBER, I am holding a  contest this month for you to win handmade, blank Valentine cards. The contest is about spreading awareness of my blog, because when I get more readers, the charities I am trying to help get more support too! If you link to my blog, blog about my blog, put my badge on your blog, Twitter about me, or vote for me in the Blogger’s Choice Awards, you will be entered to win my handmade cards on February 7th! You can also do my MEME below. Just answer the questions here or on your own blog (and link back to me, please)! Make sure to leave me a comment or email me to let me know how you are spreading awareness of my blog, and you can win!

1. Did you have a special blanket when you were a kid (or now if you are a kid)? Explain what you liked about it.

A: Yes, I do have a special blanket. I call it Blankie ( it’s capitalized because that’s it’s name) and I’ve had it since I was a baby. I still sleep with it and love it very much!

2. What is your favorite pair of pajamas like?

A. My favorite pair of pajamas have colorful, fuzzy and striped bottoms and a light blue top. I like them because they keep me warm and they are comfy.

3. What is your favorite book(s)?

A. I would have to say Esperenza Rising and The Paper Bag Princess. Both of these books are filled with adventure and they both have strong characters who are girls! I like this!

Now, copy the questions and answer them below. Or answer them in your own blog! That’s all you have to do to be in the drawing to win the cards I’ve made!

Support the Sharing Foundation and Win a Prize!

We had the day off from school today because we are having a huge wind storm! The wind gusts are over 80 mph! We lost our power early this morning, and so we went over to our friend Kristen’s house, where we spent the morning stamping Valentine’s Day cards. I made a whole bunch of these using Stampin’ Up products, which are really nice.


Since today is the last day of the America’s Giving Challenge, I’ve decided to hold a giveaway contest because I am really hoping that the Sharing Foundation will win. You can read more about all of this here. The Sharing Foundation will be using this prize to serve orphaned children who live in Cambodia.

I would like to encourage everyone to make a tiny $10.00 at this site to support the Sharing Foundation within the next 24 hours! If you are able to do this, please leave a comment here for me! Everyone who donates will be entered into a drawing, and if you win, I will send you five of the handmade Valentine’s Day cards that I made this morning. They are blank and very nicely made, so you can give them to your friends and people you love. They also come with envelopes too. Here are the kinds you will be able to pick from:





Please consider helping the Sharing Foundation by making a small $10 donation today! And make sure you come back tomorrow! I will be announcing the total amount raised for Ski4E this month and discussing other giveaways which will continue tomorrow and over the next two weeks!

Prizes Prizes Prizes!!!!

At the end of this month, I will be giving away two $15.00 iTunes gift cards to the two people or groups who have helped me make the most difference for Ski4E and the Children’s Organ Transplant Association this month. In addition to this, I will be naming these people as donors along with me when I make my personal donation to this organization this month!

I hope that this will inspire lots of you to donate to their fund directly, or donate Dash’s receipts or recyclable bottles to me! You can also hold a dress down day in your office if you want, like Erie 1 BOCES is!

Please remember to email me or leave a comment if I am not aware of what you have done to help Ski4E or COTA this month! Everyone who has helped is listed on my participants page.

I will be blogging about Ski4E until January 25th and collecting register tapes, bottles, and donations until February 1st! I plan to spend the last week of this month getting ready to help several new causes in February and improving my blog. I will be looking for lots of feedback about how to make it better. My dad has some great ideas, and I want to know what you think I could be doing here too.

Erie 1 BOCES to Support Ski4E and the Children’s Organ Transplant Association

Great news! On January 25th, the last day of this month-long drive to support Ski4E and COTA, Erie 1 BOCES will be sponsoring a dress-down day to help raise funds to support this organization! More news to come………but I wanted to thank everyone who is helping my mom organize this at Erie 1 BOCES, especially Candace Reimer, Mrs. Valenti, and Kristen!

Guest Blogger: Nina!

Today  I am filling in for Laura because she is still at a sleep over. I am Nina, Laura’s little sister. Did you know that even very little kids can make a difference too? I get an allowance each week of $3. I asked my mom and my dad if I could help make a difference by donating half of my allowance to Ski4E. That is $1.50. I also returned bottles with my mom yesterday to help Laura! Someone left them on our porch. We aren’t sure who! But thank you! I returned them and added $5.60 to the Ski4E jar!

I like blogging, but it is hard because I can’t type well yet. But sometimes, I like to do this! Laura lets me any time I want. I like being a guest blogger for her.

More Online Communities!!!

Recently, my mom and I learned about an online community called Razoo. On Razoo you can meet other people who are interested in doing good things and making a difference. There are a lot of ideas for anyone who is looking for large or even very small service projects. I haven’t been on it much today, but my mom and I already made up a whole page on it.  I am hoping that some of the people who are on Razoo will visit me here too! You could go there  too to get ideas and join my community–or someone else’s!

There are 15 days left to raise money for Ski4e and the Childrens Organ Transplant Association. I have set a fundraising goal, and I really want to reach it. I am going to spend part of my weekend picking up bottles and Dash’s receipts. Please e-mail or leave me a comment here if you have some! We will swing past your house to grab them.

Please let me know if you have made a donation to Ski4E/COTA! Remember that I am keeping track of everyone who makes a difference for them this month, and I will be awarding prizes.


Lots of Good News and Thank Yous

I want to start with some BIG news! In December, I wrote about the great people who work in my school cafeteria. Their recipe for Macho Nachos was a finalist in a competition, and I asked everyone who read my site to vote for them. The Grand Prize was a kitchen renovation. AND TODAY WE FOUND OUT THAT THEY WON!!!!! I know that some of you voted for Macho Nachos, and I want to say THANK YOU FOR VOTING!!!

But there is more good news! Mr.Jones  was named Teacher of the Month at the school he works at. Mr.Jones’s classes participated in my classroom challenge and won!!! I think he deserved this prize!

Also, did you know that baby Piper Walniki has her own website? On the site, she has a guest book and you can leave her good wishes!!! Please think about visiting her website, and leaving a comment for her and her family. You could also make a donation there if you wanted to!

Finally, I want to thank a few people. First, I would like to give a thank you to Mrs. Waggoner for volunteering to bring her bottles to my house. She is one of my favorite teachers!!! I also want to thank Uncle Mike and Aunt Joanie for also donating bottles too. THANK YOU!!! 

So far, we’ve had bottles to return every day! And I am going to be picking up more from people’s houses this weekend. Please let me know if you have bottles that we can return! And we are still collecting Dash’s register tapes as well.

Remember to help me support Ski4E and COTA this month!