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Learning About the Buffalo Greyhound Adoption Group!


Laura: Yesterday I interviewed a few people from the Buffalo Greyhound Adoption Association. The purpose of the BGA is to find forever homes for race dogs called greyhounds. People race these dogs for money and it used to be that when the dogs couldn’t race anymore, they would be killed. Organizations like the BGA  adopt the dogs and try to find homes for them.

They get dogs from tracks in states like Arizona, Massachusets, West Virgina and less often, Florida. The group dosen’t usually get the dogs from Florida because it’s a really long, hot trip for the dogs.

When the dogs come to our area, a volunteer has the dogs come to their house until someone decides to adopt them. When someone decides that they’d like to adopt a greyhound from the group, a representative does a home visit for about an hour and a half. They come to educate the family about greyhounds and answer questions. Some people change their minds and some proceed.

Michelle Moore, the woman I interviewed, says that the best thing about being a volunteer is that she gets to see racer dogs become pets. Dogs who come from places with just cement and metal get used to things like stairs and grass and glass doors. Many of these dogs are timid at first. Some stay that way.

Some other things that are cool about Grayhounds, is that their nickname is the 40 Mile Per Hour Crunch Potato.  Even though it’s fun to watch how the dogs run and build up their speed to about 40 to 42 miles per hour, I think it’s unfair and cruel to race these dogs like this, and I personally wish people would stop.

Yesterday I was thankful for all of the people who help these dogs, and I made a donation to the BGA as a result! Please think about helping this group too.

Nina is thankful for the snow. She likes to play in it every chance she gets! She knows she’s lucky to live in a place with four seasons too.


How I Made a Difference on December 16,2007


                                                         Discs for the SPCA

Today I made a difference by going through our cd’s and donating the ones we don’t want anymore to Discs for Dogs. This benefits my local SPCA. Instead of the discs ending up in a land fill they are sold for a dollar and the money goes to the SPCA. This was Mrs.Toney’s idea ( Thank you  Mrs. Toney) and it’s a great one!

My mom and I put a call in with my local SPCA saying that I’d like to voulenteer there long term after the holidays! We have a dog named Biscuit and a cat named Oliver. Oliver came from the SPCA. We got him last year at Christmastime! He likes to tear our curtains down and race up the Christmas tree this year. My mom and dad are really happy about this (NOT).

I love my pets. And when I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. I think I would enjoy this! We just learned about a cool new site thanks to me having to spell that word correctly! It is called dictionary.com. I learned how to spell veterinarian correctly because we looked it up on that site. My mom was an English teacher for a long time, and even she messes up spelling that one.

Tonight, we are going to be doing a MEME. I hope that some of you will play along! I am going to invent some questions about making a difference, and I will answer them in a new post. Then, I am going to tag some of you who have been playing along and ask that you answer these questions in YOUR blogs or in my comments section! When you respond, you can tag other people you know too! I think that getting everyone thinking and talking about what it means to make a difference is a great thing to do during this time of year.

A Request from “The Mom”

Did you know that Laura wants to be a veternarian when she grows up? She really does, and I think she is an ideal candidate for this profession. Just don’t ask her to clean any fishbowls…we won’t discuss the current state of the one in her bedroom right this very moment. Anyway, as I was scrolling through my blogroll tonight, I became attuned to the fact that the Animal Rescue site is failing to meet their quota for daily clicks and may no longer be able to donate food to needy animals. I thought I’d pop back over here briefly and please ask everyone who stops by to visit their site and give them a little bit of support. It won’t cost you a cent, and I know that Laura will appreciate this.


Angela (Laura’s mom)