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A Blog Carnival for Spread the Word to End the Word

On March 31, 2009, it will be Spread the Word to End the Word day for the Special Olympics. Spread the Word to End the word is trying to get kids and adults to STOP saying the r-word. The Special Olymics has asked me to help out with it and I am deciding to host a blog carnival.

A blog carnival is where there is a specific topic that people blog about on a certain day. Then, the host links back to those posts, sort of  like booths at a carnival. I will be hosting a blog carnival on 3-31-09. So, I am asking you  to blog  about the r-word on March 31, 2009. If you do this, I will link back to you here. I also plan on giving away a prize by doing a random drawing.

I’d like advice about making my blog carnival more successful. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section or email them to me. In addition, I will be having some games because when I think carnival I think games so, if you know of any charity games, please think about sharing the links with me.

Thank You!!!!!!


12 Responses

  1. Love this idea–count us in!
    Not sure what we’ll do –might just be a link to the video but maybe we can do a few book reviews that go along with the theme of the day.
    Great idea:-)

  2. Laura,

    What if you created a wiki (I know someone who could help you with that…) that included links represented by screen shots of those blogs that are participating in your carnival, alternating with sites where folks can play online games? Leslie Good has been sending out lots of fun flash games on twitter lately, and they are on pages that don’t have a lot of advertising associated with them. That way, people could visit your blog, then go to the “Carnival Wiki” and click on posts and games from one place. If you want to see what I mean by “linked screen shots,” go to this webpage I put together for Starpoint Elementary Teachers: http://starpoint.wikispaces.com/K-2+Tools This sounds like a fun idea–and I already have a couple of ideas in my head for my blog post that day! I may even publish separate items on both of my blogs if I can find the time to do two! Great idea!


  3. Great idea Laura! This has long been my campaign as well so I will be posting a blog. And we can all tweet out the links to your blog on that day to be sure to spread the word!

  4. Hi Laura,
    Count me in. I would love to write a blog post about this and promote the Special Olympics at the same time.

  5. Go to http://www.everydaygivingblog.com/2008/03/giving-carnival.html and check out the format I used for a blog carnival I have hosted.

  6. Hi Mr. Carr!

    Thank you for commenting, and participating!! I really appriciate the link you gave me too!
    Thanks again!!

    Laura @ 25 Days

  7. Hi Laura,

    This is a wonderful initiative on your part! I will definitely be involving my class in your blog carnival. We are regular followers of your blog, so I know for a fact that my students will be thrilled to be involved.

  8. Hi Laura,

    I’ll be writing a post, and I think i’ll get my students to respond to it in the ning we have that links our four Yr 9 classrooms. I’ll try and include some of their reflections in my post. What a great idea. Thanks for starting this.

  9. Hi Laura,

    I’ll be happy to join in on the blog carnival. I’ll spread the word to some fellow bloggers as well.

    Sandy Rees
    Fundraising Coach

  10. We posted our post for the carnival today–hoping others in the Kidlitosphere will join in. Great idea–thanks for organizing the carnival. Here is the link again:

  11. You can read my post at http://www.everydaygivingblog.com/2009/03/spread-the-word-to-end-the-word-today.html. Thanks for being a blog carnival host on this important topic.

  12. […] and unacceptable use of the “R” word (retard). With this podcast we are also supporting Laura Stockman’s blog carnival as she leads the way in attempting to raise awareness for this campaign. It is through […]

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