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Bar The R-Word

Last week, I was in Idaho at the Special Olympics Youth Activation Summit. Well, when I was there, we talked a lot about how people use the word “retard” in really insensitive ways. We talked about how it effects other people, how much it hurts, and most important, how to STOP this from happening.

The r-word hurts. Even though many people are trying to keep others from saying it, it’s a big part of many kids’ vocabulary. I remember when we did our first session on trying to stop it from spreading, a man in our group said that it’s set in stone in our minds, and that some people say it without even trying to. I think that this is true, but horrible. I don’t think that it has to be, it just is.

We also talked about how the r-word is supposed to be for doctors to use. That’s how it was developed. It’s not acceptable that we turned something for medical uses into something that is an insult.

The Special Olympics’ site is raising awareness by asking others to make videos, write songs, or speak to others about the r-word. These are a couple  videos I liked. In the next few weeks, I’m going to be doing some work to “curb the word” as my friend Noah’s mom says. I’ll let you know what I’m up to as I plan. In the meantime, tell me what you think kids can do to prevent others from using this word in such a negative way.



13 Responses

  1. Dear Laura

    That was a very Thoughtful paragraph. It’s nice that a group of people care about our world and people .There is no way that YOU guys talk about it in any other way. It’s a very POSITIVE way of showing other people’s feelings.

  2. keep going we think it will take a while but will get there some day bye

  3. i think this is a great peace you have wrote i think everyone sholud stop doing this but it will be hard to get everyone to stop so good luck and i am looking ford to see were this goes in the furture so once again good luck.

    By kahn

  4. TAYLAH and EMMA’S reply We think you have done very well you have inspired us so much… keep it UP

    Taylah and Emma……………\

  5. Dear Laura

    I’m Inspirired by your weblog I think that if you tell people about your weblog lots of people will stop using the R word.

  6. I think thats reeeeaaaal sad that its effecting everyone, but I must admit that I probably have called someone a retard in sarcasm, and now I feel really bad.
    Its like an addictive ritual.

  7. I feel really sorry that this has really effected everyone. I have definetely called a few people retards.

  8. But wat if something or someone IS retarded and you call it that, and they take it the wrong way? not saying retarded is really hard for all my friends and i. And I have a suggestion. Wat if you do a blog on tagging? Theres a big problem in NZ about it, and we need to start a resistence.

  9. That’s a good question. If someone has an intellectual disability (is “retarded”) then you don’t have to call that person a retard. You don’t have to call them anything but their name. Mental retardation is a medical condition, not a name just like when someone is diabetic, you don’t call them diabetic as a name. You call everyone by their names, not by their condition.

  10. Thank you everyone from room5weblog.blogspot.com, for coming and reading my blog, and then taking the time to write a comment. I really appriciate how all of you asked and said so many meaningful things. It means a lot to me that you are taking the time to do this.

  11. i think you and your friends should make a shop at the mall and sell old toys. Also thank you for talking to my class.

  12. Great post! We read through your post and feel the same way. As a class, we recognize that we are often guilty of using the R-word inappropriately. When we use it, it isn’t to be mean, but is still wrong (e.g. making fun of friends, describing a class, etc.).

    How to break the habit? THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

  13. @ Laura

    i think its wonderful what youre doing.
    keep it up

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