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Australian Bush Fire

Today I read about a bush fire in Victoria Australia, where Jenny Luca from Working together 2 Make a Difference lives. It started on Saturday, February 7th and so far authorities have reported 173 people killed. The number of deaths is supposed to rise to about 200 people  because all of the homes and buildings have not been checked yet.

I am hoping to spread lots of awarenessabout this and also to create some support for the people who live there along with Jenny Luca and her class. She is asking that you go here to donate money to help rebuild homes, schools, and the community that were destroyed in the fire.

This means so much to me because last year, I Skyped with Jenny Luca and her class, and made some friends through email and I really hope I can make a difference for them.



21 Responses

  1. That is really sad that all those people ended up homeless. Their community was devestated and wrecked by the fire. It must be terrible for the remaining members of the families to learn that some of them won’t be coming back.

  2. Hi Laura,
    My students will be so pleased to know you are supporting us in this difficult time. Thank you for alerting others to this cause. Here in Australia your efforts are very much appreciated.

    Jenny Luca.

  3. Hi Laura,

    I like what you are doing here and I wish you luck! I am a teacher and I’m always impressed with young people who are making a difference.
    I have a little boy, a 3-year old, and he and I are starting our own “challenge.” We are working to make our little corner of the world better through service to others, and hoping to inspire some folks around us to do the same.
    I hope to be as successful as you have been in getting people to get out there and HELP others!

    Take care and keep it up!

    ~ Laura G.

  4. Dear Laura

    Isn’t it sad that 173 people were killed but i think that its such a nice thing that your asking for donatchions to help the people who have lived and are are homeless.
    keep up the great work
    from sara

  5. Dear Laura,

    I’m Ashleigh from the Toorak class you just spoke to. Here at toorak were doing as much as we can to help. I guess you’d be trying as well to help.I like the sound of the things your doing fo other problems.
    Good luck for the future.

    from Ashleigh

  6. HI Laura
    a good idea that my school just did is you could get some friends 2gether and do a stall and raise some money that way, me and my friend sarsh just sold popcorn and raised around 32 australian dollers.
    I am from the school you just spoke 2 on skype.
    Another idea is that you could hold a talent show in ur neighbour hood.

  7. hi Laura!!
    im bronte from the class you just talked to.from Toorak Collage
    i have an idea how you could make a store.
    you could do a guess the lollies or make food and sell them? was it hard to make your own website?
    i have tried but it was hard. do you like animals?
    i love horses and dogs.

  8. Hi Loura,
    My name is Alex i spoke to you today on skype in year 5 at Toorak. Thankyou for taking time to speak to us. I have a couple of ideas for you to help raise money for the bushfires, you could do a lemonade store, or you could make some make a differance posters to put around where you live.
    thankyou Alex

  9. I think its great what you are doing Laura.Mabye you could donate money by doing a stall then donate it by getting on the internet and search the Australian Red Cross, go on the first link and press Make donation then click option 1 and then fill in the boxes.
    from Lily!

  10. You could put up a donation in your street and ask people if they have any old toys or clothes that they no longer need or want and you can donate it to the people in the bushfire’s.

    p.s we talked to you today in our classroom

  11. hi Laura
    Im in the class you were just talking to
    what gave you the idea to start your own blog?
    heres an idea for raising money…….
    I when iwas raising money Idid a lemonade stand
    or you could gether some old stuff you dont need and have a garage sale
    in was planing to do this but never got around to it
    good luck
    all my wishes

  12. Hi Laura,
    I am Bella one of the year five girls you were just speaking to on skype at Toorak College. A suggestion for the bushfires is to try and maybe raise some money by selling some things, like drinks and maybe some warm ones if it is cold and some food and some old toys you don’t need at a stall.
    Hope to talk to you soon.

    Bella year 5

  13. Hi Laura,
    I’m one of the year 5 girls that we skyped just then.
    My school is “Toorak College” and my teacher is “Mr. Hagart”. The time over here is 11:28.
    My question is do you like doing the making a difference thing?
    Also i got another question are you going to have this job forever?
    Okay see you sometime.

  14. Hi Laura!!
    I’m in the year 5 class you just skyped to at Toorak College. I am very interested in your blog about making a difference.We are all very devastated about the fires and unfortunately they have still not stopped. I have a few ideas you could use to help our bushfires here is Australia. You could:
    Have a little stall at your school or around your neighbourhood.
    Collect donations at your school or neighbourhood.
    Get your school to contribute to a fundraiser.
    These are all the things I can think about right now.
    Cherie P.S. I will let you know if I have any other ideas!

  15. Hi Laura,
    My name is Gabi, I am from the Toorak class that you were just talking to today or yesturday I’m not sure. One way you can collect money for the bushfire fund is to get your school to set up a little fair or something like that.

    From Gabi*!

  16. Hi Laura,

    It is so nice that you want to help our community about the bushfires I had an idear that you could do a fundraser like our class did so you can do some stalls with your friends and you can do things like make a cake stall or sell things that you do not want or you can ask if your friends have things that they dont want and you could do apple bobbing or like some people did at our stall they did spiders which are fizzy drink with ice cream, it tast realy YUMMY! me and my friend Bianca made a thing called sand art you put a variety of sand in a jar or cup you put in a charm and when the buyer puts the lid on they make a special wish and it comes true, it was so cool seeing you on the web cam in our class room and it was so exiting.
    from Merryn 5h.
    I am 11 tearning 12 have a good birthday in two weeks.

  17. hi Laura,

    My name is ashley and i am from the year 5 class at Toorak collage and it was great talking to you over skype. I think what your doing is so amazing and you should really keep at it. Its really sad that so many people have died and its really deppressing even if you haven’t lost anyone in the fires. im really sorry i dont have an idea yet for what you could do to fundraise but i will keep in touch and give some more ideas once i get a brain wave.

    keep up the good work


  18. Hi Laura I Vanessa from toorak College in year 5 I like what you are doing I think you can sell old toys,books and cakes. I did a cake stall for the bush fires

  19. Dear Laura,
    I have a idea for how you can raise money to help the bushfires you can do a stall like we did here for exasample a lolly stall. I also have a question what do you do in your spare time because I like to listen to music or go on nintedo DS.
    from Kate

  20. Hi Laura

    I read about your bush fire blog i know how you can help the bush fire victims by asking your friends to see if they have any old bikes or scoters and any other sporting things!and maby even donations!

    Toorak College

  21. This can be a I love examples of the articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll definately be visiting again!

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