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Drum Roll Please!!!!

Drum roll please! Today is the final day of the annual 25 Days Contest!  So, today I tallied up everyone who did something to make a difference.


The single person who made a difference this year was…………..    Greg Gutierrez! The reason Mr. Gutierrez won was because he left a comment on what he did almost everyday this month. Also, Greg helped lots of people in person.


Mrs. VanEtten’s class at Depew Middle!!! The reason that Mrs. VanEtten’s class won, was because they inspired other kids at their school to donate clothes to Compass House. They also did a huge research project where every kid researched how they wanted to make a difference for a cause that was special to them! I think that this is important because lots of  kids (including me) sometimes think that they can’t donate to places like Compass House or help in any way because they are young. All of the kids at Depew Middle proved this wrong and helped a lot. I think that this was really important. 

I hope that Mr. Gutierrez and Mrs. VanEtten’s students will let me know what their favorite causes are. I plan to do some service work for each of them as a prize in the new year!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!


4 Responses

  1. I am in her class, and i think it really helped the people at compass house because it was very close to christmas and im sure they culd use that stuff, like shoes and other clothes

  2. My favorite cause is the SPCA, it is really meaningful to me.

  3. It was wonderful reading all of your thankful thoughts you posted throughout December. You have influenced many people in a positive way in 2008. I look forward to reading about more fantastic things in 2009. Laura, you rock!

  4. Hi Laura my name is Aqsa (UKSA)THATS HOW YOU PRONOUNCE IT. well im from mr.poluks grade 5 class you know mike poluk mike poluk .com mpradio.com well you have a awsome blog and go on mpradio.com and here our podcast its called making a diffrence hope you toon in aqsa

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