December 13, 14, 15 2008


This Saturday, I was thankful for my mom. I was (and always are) thankful for her care and her devotion to being a great mom. She is always helpful, even when she isn’t feeling well or has a lot on her mind. I have always liked how she listens to me, even when I drone on and on and on about a topic that isn’t so interesting (everyone has to admit that sometimes you might not be the most interesting person to listen to). So this Saturday, my mom wasn’t feeling well, so I did a lot of house work and helped  tried to  keep my sister busy and out of her hair.

On Sunday, I bought a gift for the giving tree at church. I was (again, and always am) thankful for my church and what they do to help our community.

Today, I am thankful for everyone who helps someone, I don”t think that who you help is that big of a deal as long as you help someone. So, wile I was on Club Penguin, I found a box that said “donations” on it, so I clicked on it. It gave me directions to click on the type of less fortunate kid I wanted to help, so I clicked on one and it asked me how much (digital) money I wanted to spend. So, I picked $250.00 because that was the most that I could spend and I  had $500.00. I think that the site turned it into real money but they wanted everyone to be able to donate. So I thought that it was really cool!


3 Responses

  1. Nina and Laura,

    We’ve got our clothes together and are delivering to Mrs. Van Etten tomorrow!

    -Mike and Liz

  2. You really are an inspiration, young lady! Wow. I read about you and your blog in the January 2009 issue of Edutopia. It is really amazing what you have been able to accomplish!

    I work as in Instructional Technology Specialist at the University of Minnesota, Morris. I work with faculty and sometimes do special programs for staff development for K-12 teachers in West Central Minnesota. I teach workshops on integrating technology in the classroom. Your site is a great example of online collaboration!

    Keep up the good work!

    — Pam

  3. One more thing . . . I volunteer at our county Food Shelf, and it is VERY rewarding to help those in need!

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