December 2, 2008

Laura: Today I’m grateful for all of my friends and their families who help the less fortunate in taking part in the canned food drive at my school. Today, I wrote an article in newspaper to help spread the word about my school’s food drive.

I’m also thankful for Ms.Gray, who is volunteering to make a difference for a charity that I like. Read her REALLY cool blogpost here. Thank you Ms. Gray!

Nina: Today I am thankful for my daddy teaching my religion class. Today at religion, I helped him get all the materials ready to make Advent wreaths with all of the kids in my class.

Tomorrow, we are going to be blogging about a special group called Friends of the Night People. They were a favorite charity of our Grandma Stockman’s. Our Grandma Stockman passed away one month after my Grandpa Stockman did, which was a big shock for all of us. We plan to spend a lot of the next year doing our service work in memory of her. But we’ll write more about that tomorrow!


3 Responses

  1. Hello Laura, Nina, and Angela! I’m going to participate this year by Twittering things I am grateful for. Today I am grateful for my awesome daughter, Drew, who keeps track of whatever needs doing while I’m not around, and both reminds and helps her brothers with their homework.

  2. Hello Laura, I am Emma from Manitou Springs. I’m one of Mrs. Casey’s students. I am just commenting because I am so glad you came up with such a fantastic idea. It’s been an amazing project in our middle school. If you’d like, you’re welcome to take a look on my blog. I’m Emma on Mrs. Casey’s list obviously.
    I hope you have a great third day of December and a safe and happy holiday season. Thank you again.


  3. yay for advent wreaths Nina for the win!

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