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The 2008 Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference Challenge

Happy December 1st! Today marks exactly one year of making a difference and a year that 25 Days to Make a Difference has been around! YAY!  I owe a HUGE THANK YOU to the people that have been through this year with me and have helped me so much. There are really way too many adults and kids and families to name. So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year, I’ve decided that I will do a good deed every day. I invited my younger sister Nina to help. She does a lot of good deeds, but last year, her keyboarding skills made it hard for her to blog about them. Now, she is really excited to post here this month. I’m excited too! Nina rocks.

Please think about doing small things to make a difference every day for the next twenty five days too. Leave a comment here or blog about what you do. The person or family who makes the most difference by December 25th will win a donation to the charity they choose. What’s more important is that people will get to read about all the great things other people do.

This year, we won’t be donating money to charities though. We really like focusing on service work more. So, Nina and I will be donating a month of service work and fundraising to the charity of my winner’s choice. We will also be tweeting about what we are thankful for every day this month. If you’d like, you can follow Nina and I on Twitter at @twentyfivedays. You can tweet about what you are grateful for every day too or what you are doing to make a small difference.

If you are a student, teacher, or school who would like to join in this fun, please consider joining Working Together 2 Make a Difference. This is a ning where classes can show what they are doing to make a difference. It would be really rewarding to see lots of schools doing good deeds and sharing it there. It could inspire other people too!

Today Nina is Thankful For:

My friend Emily. Emily is really nice to everyone. She cheers everyone up, especially me. Emily was in my kindergarten class. Now she is in third grade with me. I see her make lots of people happy every day. I tried to do a good deed today by helping Emily.

Today Laura is Thankful For:

Nina. She is really smart. Today, I helped her with her homework, and this made me feel glad. It makes me feel good that I can help her with something, especially math!

What are you thankful for today and how did you or someone else you know make a difference? Leave a comment and we will start keeping track of all the good things that happen in the next twenty five days.


10 Responses

  1. Happy anniversary.

    I am thankful for kids like you who work to improve the world.

  2. HI!
    I’m thankful that I found your blog just now!

    Today I started a new job and made my new coworkers laugh a little bit throughout the day.

    I just want to say that I’m very impressed with your idea on this post.
    I am also impressed that you are only 11 and are doing so much good!

    I set up an RSS feed on my new website which I have just created recently to try and connect charities in my local area with people who might be interested in volunteering their time but like me have a hard time figuring out the who what where when why and how.

    Any way, I will check back daily for the next 25 days!
    thanks for the inspiration, and God Bless.

  3. Hi, thanks for following me on twitter! I would definitely like to participate this year! I have a question though, I did start yesterday, but didn’t find this until today, (I know, I really should subscribe!) am I allowed to backdate a post that I would make today for yesterday, then do another one later? Thanks!

  4. Laura and Nina! You have inspired me once again! I posted what I plan to do over on my blog but you will get to choose who benefits!! Thanks for all that you do!

  5. hi

  6. me and my vfriends were inspired by you. so wea sked our principal to have a clothes drive and he said yes

  7. Today I am thankful for you Laura. Reading about you good deeds and desire to help others has inspired me throughout this year. Making links with you and your Mom (see, I spelt it the American way!!) has been so rewarding for me personally, and you have certainly inspired the students in my class. Thank you.

  8. Laura,
    I’m excited to follow along with you and Nina – I’m really new to twitter, but will follow you there as well. Thank you for all you do to let younger people know that anyone can make a difference!

    You are very encouraging and I know many people will make a difference because of your work!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. its me again! i have a video link for the service project, and in order for it to be successful i need lotsa comments on it and hopefully i get enough 🙂 here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFGpHn02iFE

    your mom said it was a really good idea and told me to embed the video on here, but silly me i forgot to not disable embedding!!!

    -casey aka 7FridayGirl109, creator of the video above 🙂

  10. Hi Laura,
    Today I’m thankful that I can’t think of a day where I have had to go without eating because there was no food to eat.

    Well I did a few good things today, I made my coworkers laugh again (I am just a funny guy lol) I spent a little time getting to know another one of my coworkers, I helped our trainer carry some boxes, and tonight (after I’m done writing this) I am spending the night at my grandma’s house to make sure she doesn’t need anything.

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