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Thank You to Compass House and Sylvia Nadler!

On Saturday night, my family and I were invited to the annual Compass House Dinner and Auction. It was held at a really nice restaurant called Harry’s. There were a ton of people there, and everyone was dressed up. It was a lot of fun and a very special night.

Compass House is an organization that I have really enjoyed learning more about and supporting all year long. Sylvia Nadler and Michelle Moore and all of the people there have been really welcoming to me. In fact, they have been THE MOST AWESOME people I’ve been able to get to know this year though my service project. They always are thinking of me and letting me help in ways that are good for kids.

Compass House is a place where kids and young adults can go if they are in trouble. Some of the people who go there are runaways. Others are homeless. There are also kids who go there because their parents have abandoned them.

Sylvia Nadler has a lot of great people working for her, and I heard some great stories about Compass House at this dinner. What I like most about it is that they don’t tell kids what to do or make decisions for them. They just care for them and help them make good choices.

If you are ever in trouble and need somewhere to go that is safe, go to Compass House. You can get on any Metro Bus or go into any Tops and tell them that you need to get to a Safe Place. They will provide you transportation to Compass House, and you will be happy. I know people there, and I promise they are really nice.

One thing that would be really nice is if teachers would invite Sylvia Nadler or her staff to talk with kids about Compass House. There are a lot of kids who are living in bad situations at home, who try to run away, and who wind up on the streets. Even kids in really good neighborhoods. It would be nice if people from Compass House could come and tell kids how to stay safe by coming to stay with them. Please let me know if you’d like to do this or contact Sylvia Nadler.

Thank you for a great night Ms. Nadler!!!! I had fun!!!!


9 Responses

  1. Hi Laura! Uchiha Sasuke here! Your doing a super awesome job on this site! See you!

  2. My school is doing a clothing drive and we are giving the clothes to compass house. I’m glad that you know and have good experiences with them. I’m also glad that your mom recomended that place to us. Thanks. Bye.

  3. I would love the wonderful people from Compass House to come speak to my students.

  4. hello, what is the most amazing thing you did for someone

  5. hello very insripiring for bloggers everywhere

    thanks 4 reading

  6. this is tierra i love to make a difference

  7. how does it feel to help people

  8. i will love to work with u someday


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