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Thank You Depew Middle School!


Yesterday, I presented to five different classes of seventh graders. At first, I was really nervous but as I kept going, I got better and warmed up to the students. I learned SO MUCH. After the first class I taught, I thought about how to make my teaching better. My mom and Mrs. VanEtten said that all good teachers do this every day. I really enjoyed teaching, but at the end of the day I was exhausted! I didn’t know until now how much work teaching is!

Mrs. VanEtten’s students are starting a research project. They are going to research ways to make a difference and then blog about it on their classroom blog. I think that this would be really fun to do, especially because lots of the kids are really interested in helping out and making the world a better place. They shared a lot of great ideas with me, and many of them have already done great service work. It was really inspiring for me to listen to them share the sorts of things they are doing or want to do.

I planned an activity where we all brainstormed what it meant to be a good citizen. Then, we talked about what a good digital citizen is. When we first started that activity, I showed this movie, which is funny. It told us how to stay safe on the internet, which is good, but I wanted to talk about digital citizenship, which is different. Everyone was telling me what NOT to do online, but then I encouraged them to tell me what we CAN do to be a good digital citizen. We know we SHOULDN’T spread rumors about people online in chatrooms or post personal information about ourselves, but do we ever think about what we SHOULD do?

Yesterday, I shared my idea that when we create safe places online where kids can learn together and accomplish things, we make the internet a better place. Mrs. VanEtten’s seventh graders were great to work with because they understand this and they are going to start trying too. They will blogging as they do their research paper. I used this Common Craft video to begin talking about blogging, and I got to share what I”m doing here too. I’m making some new friends there, and this is great.  Please visit their blog and leave them some comments if you haven’t already!


12 Responses

  1. I had the extreme pleasure and honor to meet and observe you in action yesterday. You are a rather remarkable young lady and shared so much with some of my seventh grade students.

    The ideas of being a good citizen, a good digital citizen and making a difference are important for all of us to embrace.

    You did a remarkable job working with your peers and I look forward to their research project and blog.

    You are welcome in my school any time, we were lucky to meet you. I hope other children seize the opportunity as you did.

    This kind of event makes a difference all by itself.

  2. YOU are an amazing young lady. I am always very excited to read your blog, and this post was extremely interesting. I will watch Depew’s blog and hope they can make a difference, just like you.

  3. I really liked your lesson and I think it was kind of wierd to have my seventh period english class tought by an eleven year old. Good job!
    Dylan Kozmycz.

  4. You continue to inspire me as well as encourage me. You are going to do great things with your own Non Profit Organization one day – I’m sure of it.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Such great work Laura. I love the fact that you have recognised that we don’t need to always focus on what we shouldn’t be doing online. What we need to focus on is exactly what you say. What SHOULD we be doing online to help us with our learning and help to make us good digital citizens. It’s a reminder to me that my teaching should focus on the positive rather than the negative aspects of online life. Isn’t it wonderful that you have found some other students who share your beliefs. I am very happy for you.

    Jenny Luca.

  6. It was very hard to think of things you SHOULD be doing online rather then what we shouldn’t. We are all familiar with what we shouldn’t do. It is important that we learn about both sides of the book. Always look at the positives in life,because if you concentrate on only the negatives that is all you are going to worry about your entire life. Thanks for teaching not only me but most of the seventh grade that.Once again good job on the lesson.

  7. Hi Laura. Really impressed by what you have done! Would love to share with my pupils about you when school reopens next year in Singapore! 🙂

  8. hey this is mattie i love this lesson it was so much fun but werid at the the same time for a 6th grader teaching a 7th grader but u did a good job your lesson was wonderful

  9. Hiii Laura. I really had a fun time when you came to visit my school. It was kinda weird having a 6th grader teach a 7th grader because i am not used to that. On my project i am reachering about somking. i think this is a good way to make a difference because i can do lots of things to help people stop smoking.

  10. Laura!

    go to http://starthelp.wordpress.com/

    me and nikki made a blog and one of are pages is for you check it out! :]

  11. today me and my friends looked through the clothes that people donate to compass house some of them me and angela are washing and it will all beok and we might have to meet with the school board one day that should be cool bye

  12. this was an amazing thing you did! and i am VERY glad you did this. we all made a difference even if it’s just doing things like shoveling your elderly neighbor’s driveway or helping out in the kitchen. you inspired me, and hopefully lots of other people!

    – *casey* <33

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