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A Veteran’s Day Tribute to My Uncle Mike

I haven’t really posted about this, because my Uncle Mike doesn’t like to brag about all the great things he does, but today I have to because it’s important. I hope he doesn’t mind.

My Uncle Mike is really special to me because he’s one of my favorite uncles. He is my dad’s brother, and he is also my Godfather too. He’s really funny and he’s sort of like my dad because he likes to goof around a lot with me. He gives the BEST HUGS. They are REALLY TIGHT and you can’t breathe when he gives them.

I miss him right now because he was deployed to Iraq on Labor Day.

My cousins Ethan and Nolan and my Aunt Vicki must miss him like crazy. I think they are really strong, because I don’t know what I’d do if my dad got sent over there.

Yesterday, I got an email from him. Here is a surprising part of it:

The weather in Iraq is a lot different from home that’s for sure. When I got here it was 120 or a little hotter every day. Since the end of October it has cooled off. Most days it is around 90 degrees. Now at night time it is in the 50’s or 60’s  you won’t believe this, I had to have aunt Vicki send me my long johns!  I need them to wear to bed! When you live in the heat for a couple of months, 60 degrees is cold.

I can’t imagine it being that hot!

Anyway, I can’t wait for my Uncle Mike to get home, and I’m thinking of him today because it’s Veteran’s Day. I hope he will see this post, and I’m also hoping that if you are reading, you will leave him some good luck wishes in my comments section.

I want to make him smile, because I know he misses being home. I also want him to know that lots of people appreciate him. I don’t like this war, but I am so proud of my Uncle Mike.


10 Responses

  1. Your Uncle Mike sounds like a wonderful man, and I thank him for serving our country. I will think good thoughts for and about Uncle Mike and hope that he returns home soon!

    Thank you for posting this nice tribute!

  2. Hey Laura! My thoughts and prayers go out to your Uncle Mike and all the other men and women serving our country. We took my father, a Vietnam War veteran, out for lunch today to honor him. It is so important to remember why we have this day off!!

  3. Laura–I feel obligated to leave a message since your Uncle and I share the same name! He’s obviously an intelligent and generous person!

    I think it’s great that you took the time to honor him today–you’re a true patriot!

    I hope that your Uncle is able to come home soon and that while he’s there he knows how deeply appreciative we are (as friends of your family and as Americans) that he is there doing the job he is doing.

    Keep up the good work, the both of you!

    -Mike and Liz Fisher (and Lily too!)

    P.S. I’m hearing Shepherd’s Pie is fave? We’ll have to make it again soon!

  4. This was a great article, I’m glad people still remember Veteran’s Day how we respect the veterans. Both of my grandparents served and currently my cousin, who is a 25 yr old female, is in the army and is getting deployed to Iraq the end of Dec. I’m sure your uncle is doing as well as he can and hope you get to see hime soon. -Becky

  5. I’m a day late, Laura, but I wanted to send along my thanks to your Uncle Mike as well, and thanks to everyone who is serving with him.

    Mike – We appreciate your sacrifices and your service to our country. Please know that so many Americans, including me and my family, are proud of you and so grateful to you all. Many blessings to you as the holidays approach and you’re far from home.

  6. Hi Laura
    This is a very special tribute. I have a niece who served in Iraq for 6 months recently (from Australia) and she found it a really interesting experience. Even though the war is going on she told me that the people were so full of hope and so grateful for everything that the rest of the world is doing for them.
    God bless Uncle Mike and all the others just like him who are trying to make our world a safer place for us.

  7. I wish your uncle good luck and that we appreciate what he is doing for his country.

  8. My dad’s old friend serves in the air force and just retuirned home a couple of months ago. When your uncle gets home if he’s heard of a guy named Pat Coin.

  9. Hi, Laura,
    I, too am grateful for your Uncle Mike’s service in particular, and for the sacrifices of all our service men and women who are donating their time and energies to serve our country all over the world.
    I also want to commend you for the blog you started and the example you set to reach outside yourself to offer your time and talents to others in your community. It is amazing to see how your commitment has touched so many others all around the world. Indirectly, you are also helping those who are receiving aid from others you have inspired.
    Keep up the good work.
    I hope to introduce your blog to all of my 7th and 8th graders at our middle school here in Bethany. If even a few of them are inspired to help others, it will be worthwhile.

  10. Good luck to your Uncle Mike. I pray every-time I think of it for all our men and women serving this country. Thanks for reminding me to pray again.

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