Working Together 2 Make a Difference With Sarah!

Sarah H. is one of my friends from my writing studio. We spent a week together this summer doing all sorts of creative writing (that’s a picture of us writing together on her blog)! We get to see each other during the year too, because studio goes year round. She blogs to get feedback on her writing, and she’s already written a novel! Sarah is also a reporter for NeXt, which is awesome.

Recently, she joined Working Together 2 Make a Difference. This is a ning where teachers and students can show the world all the good things that they are doing to make a difference. My mom and Mrs. Luca from Australia are moderating it so it is safe. I like it because even though it’s nice to get such great comments from everyone, I really want to be a part of what everyone else is doing to make a difference. Sarah has started blogging about that and now lots of people are starting to join this ning too. This is exciting! Mr. Will Richardson just wrote an article for Educational Leadership, and in it, he mentioned my blog and how it’s important for me to begin connecting to other people too. I’m hoping that the ning will grow over time and this will happen, and I’m very thankful for my mom and Mrs. Luca’s help with this too. I hope some day my school will do something with this too.

What is really impressive is that Sarah encouraged her school to join the ning all on her own. She is a great role model and super person. I feel lucky to know her.

Please think about joining Working Together 2 Make a Difference if you are a teacher too! Sarah and I and lots of other kids like doing things like this, and we can learn a lot together too while helping other people.


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  1. Thank you soo much Laura! I believe you’re extremely awesome, too! I am glad that you’re my friend. As you said, high schoolers aren’t all scary and mean! 😉 Just kidding! I can’t wait to see you!

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