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November 4, 2008: TIME FOR CHANGE!!!

Now we’re coming to the end of 2008, and I have been thinking about the year ahead. I have decided that I want my readers to visit and want to come back. In order to make my blog more interesting for everybody (including me), I will be changing the style of my posts starting TODAY!

I love writing in all sorts of different and exciting ways. I want to use my writing to notice others who make a difference and pay attention to the small things in my life that are meaningful. I will be writing poems and sharing pictures about these things in my posts, and I want to encourage others to do the same thing on their own blogs or in the comments section of my blog! I will also be doing service work this year, and I plan to write more creatively about this too.

Sharon Creech’s books Love That Dog and Hate That Cat inspired me to do this. Love That Dog is one of my favorite books, and today, while I was off from school, my mom took me to the bookstore to buy Hate That Cat. As we were reading it together, I got the idea to change the way I write on my blog and what I want to spend the next year doing. Sharon Creech teaches us that good writing always starts with things that are meaningful to US, even if those things seem small or unimportant. Making a difference starts this way too.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun!


5 Responses

  1. Hi Laura, thanks for the writing tips – I have always enjoyed Sharon Creech so I am going to follow this up with my Year 10 students here in New Zealand. Keep up the fabulous work. Cheers, Sharon and Shireen

  2. Your blog was highlighted to the faculty of our school district today and I was really impressed with what you are doing!! I will be sure to show your site to the educational technology graduate class I teach!
    Also, I am a school librarian and Sharon Creech is on of my favorite authors! I love Love That Dog – we read it to our fourth graders.
    Keep on doing great things, Laura!

  3. Laura, Has it been almost a year already? I look forward to experiencing another year of wonderful posts from your blog. I think your idea of changing the style to something else that is also meaningful to you is a great idea. You are an inspiration to many, including me.

  4. What a great idea! You are doing great work Laura, and congratulations on almost a full year of making a difference. Your blog is teaching a lot of people about how they can connect to the world!

    And you are right…it is time for a change! You go girl!

  5. Laura,
    As you know already, I have written about you in my class blog. My students spent some time checking out your blog posts and began thinking about ways to make change in our world by doing good deeds. You’re work has both inspired and challenged them.

    You’ve already inspired some of my writers to start their own “writing” blogs. Thanks so much for being so pivotal in the education of teachers and peers.

    I can’t wait to show them your comment. And…I joined the NING last night.

    Mrs. Casey

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