Please Join Working Together 2 Make a Difference!

One of the greatest things about blogging and doing service work this year has been getting to know other people who care about the same things that I do. One of those people is Jenny Luca! Last year, Jenny invited me to skype into her classroom. I got to meet her students and talk with them about life in Australia. This was AMAZING.

When I started this blog, what I really hoped was that other people would want to join me in trying to make a small difference every day. When people email me or leave comments about the great stuff that they are doing, I love it. Now, Jenny and my mom and I are teaming up to invite TEACHERS AND STUDENTS to ONE place where we can all show how we are making a difference!

Working Together 2 Make a Difference is a ning. A ning is an online community. Teachers can create classroom pages, blog or post short descriptions of what they are doing to make a difference, or they can even upload video clips or pictures! I am excited to see what other students are doing from all over the world–and I’m especially excited about getting to know more people too!

Please consider joining Working Together 2 Make a Difference. All that you need to do is a small classroom service project between now and December 15th. Joining the ning is easy too! Read more about all of this here.


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