This month, I’ve gotten lots of comments. But the two that really stuck out are the ones about uPlej. There are two reasons, one, two people wrote about it and two, the people who wrote about it raved about it.

Today, I visited uPlej. I really liked how it looked and what the sidebars explained. I also liked how it told me what that person donated to.

The first thing that she donated to was the SPCA. I really liked how right next  to it, it told me how much money that she donated to the SPCA. I also liked how uPlej is like a blog, or webpage.

The reason I like the sidebar on uPlej is because it tells you how much people and their “network” have donated. A network is a group of people you know, maybe some of your friends, and other people you learn from. My readers are a part of my network, but I also have a network of people from the charities that I try to help too now. It’s cool.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks Angela for writing about uPlej. I’m glad you like the concept!

  2. Also Angela, you could join my network at:
    http://www.uplej.com/ashley and tell others to join your network. Before you know it, you’d have a good chunk of money going to your favorite charity and the same for the ones you invited! Its so fun and easy to manage!


  3. I have something for you at the link provided.

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