My Favorite Ways

Yesterday, I wrote a post asking you to leave a comment or email me about your favorite ways to help animals. Well, I want to share some of my favorite ways to help animals with you.

One way I like to help animals is by supporting the ASPCA. I talk about it a lot because I really LOVE animals and want the best for them. I know at the SPCA is giving animals 100% of their time and effort because I get the SPCA’s newsletter that I get in the mail. The newsletter includes a membership card and a story about one new animal that they just helped. The animals are mostly dogs, but that’s okay. At the end, the newsletter asks you to support that animal. I really know what’s happening at the SPCA because of the newsletter.

Another way I like to support animals is to click my fingers on the free online donation buttons on the sites that provide them. My favorite site also supplies free mammograms and more! I also used this site during one of the other months this year.

Last, I like to support my pets, by treating them not only like pets but like part of my family.


2 Responses

  1. Great article on the ASPCA. I donate monthly through to them. Its a new way to donate to your favorite charity through your social network and under $5 bucks a month! Check it out!

  2. Laura, hi this is brenna you came to my school (depeww) and your mom came here today to tlak to us and i tlaked to her about a online thing socialvibe and she wanted me tho give you the link sooooo here it iss…

    soicalvibe is pretty much a online way to make a diffrence, You make a account then choose what/ who you want to support and a sponser you put the socialvibe box on the web and collcet points those points go tords your cause,

    after reaching 2,000 points they send you a pink ball wich simbleizzes that you did somthing good i got mine and broght it to school… not a good idea the person not to name thro it out :[. It relle fun theres lots of stuff to do to collect points everyday. its safe to.

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