Last week, I put fliers out on my street asking for donations of gently used books. Over the last few years, our library, which is right around the corner from my house, has had cuts in funding. I called them to see if they would like book donations, and they said yes! So, last week I went to every house on my street (there are around 100) and asked people to leave books on their porch on Wednesday or to call me if they had books to donate. A lot of people donated books!!! Thank you to everyone! So far, we’ve collected 242 books as a street to donate! Plus, my cousin Suzanne is donating books that were left from the Rich Products book sale that she organized and a very nice man from Knox Presbyterian Church called me to say that he also has a whole bunch of books left from their book sale too. I am going there to sort through them and pick them up this week. I will post a final number when I am done! Thank you for all of your help. This was fun!


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  1. What a wonderful initiative! My wife and I just cleaned out our basement of 30 years of books, boxes and boxes of books: university texts, best sellers, children’s books. We donated many to the local MCC Etcetera shop. But a lot when to recycling.

    Best wishes as you continue your philanthropy! This is a wonderful site and I have bookmarked it.

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