A Book Drive for My Library

Throughout the month of July, I have not kept up with my blog because I have been doing some really cool things during my summer break. I made fliers for the book drive a while ago. A friend and I passed half of them to half of my street and I did the other half with my little sister, Nina.

I am very excited about this, and I am so excited I can’t stop looking for books to donate. What is more exciting than that is that I have already received some calls from other people saying that they have books for me.

A neighbor from two blocks over already gave me seven books, and I will be getting ten more today! That means I have 43 books in all! Also, my dad is going to find more books, and maybe I could get my sister to donate some of hers.

Also, Miss Theresa Gray told my mom about a site called Shelfari. It’s a very cool site where you can shaer your favorite books and even write reviews. Almost everyone in my family has joined. This is a link to my Shelfari page. I hope you will read, donate books, and join Shelfari too!


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