Happy 4th of July

I am sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. I just finished fifth grade last week and was really busy with my end of the year celebrations! I am also really excited because my teacher will be moving up to the middle school with us next year, and even though my project has so far been something my mom helps me with, my teacher said she would like to do more with it in middle school next year. I’m looking forward to that!

In July, I am going to be focusing on trying to donate books to the Erie County Public Library and my branch in particular. I have some good ideas for doing this, which I will be writing more about soon! Right now, lots of libraries are having their budgets cut. When the economy gets bad, libraries are one of the first places to be hurt by that. I love my library, and I have some ideas to help I think.

I’m going to be on vacation for a little while, but when I come back, I’ll be writing more about ways to make a difference for public libraries.

Also! My cousin Suzanne finished the Ride for Roswell and raised almost 1,000 dollars! Everyone who supported her made a big difference last month. Even though she thanked everyone already, I want to say thank you too. Thank you! A lot of people came to our yard sale, bought lemonade and donuts, and helped my cousin Patrick and I raise money for Suzanne’s ride. Suzanne also dropped stuff off from her own house for the sale. I have a lot more bottles to return too. Together, everyone helped me raise $100 dollars for Suzanne and $50 for the China Earthquake Relief fund last month. These donations will be made in the next week, after I return my bottles. Thank you everyone for helping!


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