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Getting Ready to Present

This week, Sheryl Nussbaum Beach and Will Richardson invited me to speak at the WNY PLP Celebration. I am excited to do this and also nervous. I’ll be writing some entries this week to get ready for my presentation and to help me brainstorm things I’d like to say.

They’ve asked me to talk about what I’ve learned about from blogging. They’ve also asked me to talk about the challenges about doing my blog. Today I am going to write about all the good things I have learned.

  1. I have learned about how to use Skype, like how to call and chat with other people.
  2. I’ve learned about how to present. For example, I presented for my Aunt Barb’s religion class during Christmas time. I’ve also given a lot of interviews now to TV reporters and to newspaper reporters too. This is sometimes really hard.
  3. I’ve learned about Internet Safety like how not to use any of my or other people’s personal information. Or like not to pt my friend’s pictures up on my blog without permission.
  4. I’ve learned how to use my new web cam like how to post my videos upon Youtube and recording my videos.
  5. I have been e mailing more so I can answer comments and questions  that my readers send me.
  6. I’ve learned how to use Youtube to make a difference ( I will as soon as I get as my computer to upload my videos to the web).
  7. I’ve learned what NING is, and I’ve joined Art Snacks and Razoo.
  8. I’ve learned about internet manners. Like when people leave comments on my site, I try to comment back. When they write about me in their blogs, I try to leave a comment too. This helps me get to know other people and it is good manners. I’ve met some really supportive people this way!
  9. I’ve learned about Microsoft Paint. I used this to make blog badges.
  10. I get to do two of my favorite things here: I get to write and use the computer!
  11. I am learning good writing traits. I’ve learned to make better titles (they are the main idea of my entry). I’ve also started learning about hooks. I’m learning to edit my work and add detail.
  12. I’ve learned about blog design. I can write posts and pages. I use widgets. I uploaded my own blog header too. And I know how to use my dashboard in WordPress too.
  13. I’ve learned that when I tag my posts, it helps bring readers who are interested in my topic to my page. This is how I start learning about other bloggers who are trying to make a difference too!



7 Responses

  1. Laura,
    You will do a great job tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say to the teachers! I know they will learn a lot from you.

  2. Laura,
    You did such a nice job presenting today. Not only do people want to visit your web-page, I think you have helped some adults understand what kids can do online. (I have never had a whole room of people stand up and clap for me before….GREAT JOB!)

  3. Laura,
    You did an amazing job. I can’t find the words to experss how inspired I am by your project.

    There were about 6 adults at my table and all of us were trying to hold back tears. I saw a few tears sneak through.

    You certainly touched people with your love for your grandfather and his memory. You were also a shining example of what we can do if we put our minds to it.

    I went to the meeting simply looking for a few things that I can do in my job, but I was totally floored by your presentation.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Laura,

    I heard some great things about your presentation. Congratulations! It is shocking what you have learned (and done) in only a few months. You never cease to amaze me.

  5. Wow Laura. I’ve been reading about the wonderful job you did presenting and how you have inspired so many people. I’m a teacher from Australia and I’d like to show the students in my class what you have been doing. I think they will be motivated and amazed at your desire to make a difference. Your list of all the things you have learned is fantastic. I’ve been writing a blog for 4 and a half months and my learning echoes yours. I know you have gained a lot of personal satisfaction from your efforts, but i hope you are proud of yourself as well. You are showing others what is possible. You’re an inspiration.
    Jenny Luca.

  6. Laura I am impressed with your list of achievements. I know how much time, commitment and perseverance it takes – not to mention how far outside the comfort zone some of this takes us. I hope it is cool with you if I share this with some educators in New Zealand as an inspiration to all of us.
    Sharon Harper

  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Dragoon

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