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For Tyvaier: Please HELP him!

This week, Sylvia Nadler sent me this letter about a friend of hers named Tyvaier. Tyvaier is in 7th grade. He lives in Buffalo and he goes to Performing Arts. On Christmas, when I was announcing the winners of my contest, Tyvaier was getting some very scary news. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. There is a fundraiser coming up on MAY 31ST for Tyvaier. I am putting all of the information below. Please think about buying a ticket, sending a donation or passing the word on. Even if you blog about this, that would be great just to spread the word. Please keep Tyvaier in your prayers.

Nekia Kemp is the New Executive Director at St. Philip’s Community Center, before her role at St. Philips she worked as an Area Director with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo for two years.  She is asking for our help in Support of her twelve year old son, Tyvaier who attends the Buffalo Academy for The Visual & Performing Arts Academy and is a theater major in the seventh grade.
On December 25, 2007 Tyvaier was diagnosed with a rare form of Childhood stage IV liver Cancer (Hepatoblastoma). The cancer has spread to his Brain & Lungs. Before that day Tyvaier had always been healthy and very active in school activities and participated in many sports. Tyvaier never had a hospital stay for anything!
Now Tyvaier is currently undergoing treatment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. His Treatment consists of Radiation & Chemotherapy. 
Tyvaier’s Family and Friends will be hosting a Benefit to help support Tyvaier’s extreme medical expenses on Saturday May 31st from 6pm-10pm. The Benefit will be held at the Niagara Frontier Post 1041 American Legion, located on 533 Amherst Ave, in Buffalo, 14207 between Grant St. and Elmwood Ave.
Tickets are $25 per person & includes dinner & non alcoholic beverage. Open bar will be available in addition to live performances, music, door prizes, and basket auctions.
Nekia is asking your support in attending the event and/or to donate a basket from your organization. Your donation will help in assisting the family in concentrating on Tyvaier’s road to recovery and not the financial burdens that the family faces on a daily basis.
Thank you in advance for your generous donation. Please send your check and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope payable to: Tyvaier Jones Benefit Fund c/o Nekia Kemp, PO Box 817, Buffalo, NY, 14215.  You may also contact us by email for additional information or to donate items for the benefit : friendsoftyvaier@yahoo.com.  for more information or copies of the official flyer, you can visit the Arts Academy web site at: http://www.bavpa.org/ Donations maybe tax-deductible


Getting Ready to Present

This week, Sheryl Nussbaum Beach and Will Richardson invited me to speak at the WNY PLP Celebration. I am excited to do this and also nervous. I’ll be writing some entries this week to get ready for my presentation and to help me brainstorm things I’d like to say.

They’ve asked me to talk about what I’ve learned about from blogging. They’ve also asked me to talk about the challenges about doing my blog. Today I am going to write about all the good things I have learned.

  1. I have learned about how to use Skype, like how to call and chat with other people.
  2. I’ve learned about how to present. For example, I presented for my Aunt Barb’s religion class during Christmas time. I’ve also given a lot of interviews now to TV reporters and to newspaper reporters too. This is sometimes really hard.
  3. I’ve learned about Internet Safety like how not to use any of my or other people’s personal information. Or like not to pt my friend’s pictures up on my blog without permission.
  4. I’ve learned how to use my new web cam like how to post my videos upon Youtube and recording my videos.
  5. I have been e mailing more so I can answer comments and questions  that my readers send me.
  6. I’ve learned how to use Youtube to make a difference ( I will as soon as I get as my computer to upload my videos to the web).
  7. I’ve learned what NING is, and I’ve joined Art Snacks and Razoo.
  8. I’ve learned about internet manners. Like when people leave comments on my site, I try to comment back. When they write about me in their blogs, I try to leave a comment too. This helps me get to know other people and it is good manners. I’ve met some really supportive people this way!
  9. I’ve learned about Microsoft Paint. I used this to make blog badges.
  10. I get to do two of my favorite things here: I get to write and use the computer!
  11. I am learning good writing traits. I’ve learned to make better titles (they are the main idea of my entry). I’ve also started learning about hooks. I’m learning to edit my work and add detail.
  12. I’ve learned about blog design. I can write posts and pages. I use widgets. I uploaded my own blog header too. And I know how to use my dashboard in WordPress too.
  13. I’ve learned that when I tag my posts, it helps bring readers who are interested in my topic to my page. This is how I start learning about other bloggers who are trying to make a difference too!