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Raising Money for Suzanne’s Ride for Roswell

 I love our block sale every year. Our sidewalks are overly crowded with people and I can smell lots of fresh lemonade from our lemonade sale. We always have a tiny table filled with toys and things that we like to sell. My mom, dad and I sell bigger things too! I got to thinking that this will be a good way to raise money for my causes.

So because next month is our block sale, I will be helping my mom to get ready for it. All of the money we make will be donated to my cousin Suzanne’s Ride for Roswell. Suzanne will be riding in memory of my Grandpa Stockman (Al).

I am also going to see if she will do an interview with me too! Suzanne and my dad grew up together and they are almost the same age. I wonder if she will share some of her memories of my grandpa with me for the interview. That would be really fun.


Thank You Skype!!!

This week I got a webcam in the mail from SKYPE. My webcam is awesome! THANK YOU SKYPE!!!

So today I want to write down some things about how I can use my webcam to make a difference.

  1. I can do webchats with classrooms about small ways to make a difference
  2. I can post a video on Artsnacks which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time
  3. Spread awarness on the charity of the month by announcing it on my blog
  4. Announce  the winners of blog contests
  5. Monthly interviews with charity directors in skype. I like to interview the people who I work with during the month sometimes. My webcam will help me do this and see them at the same time!

 If you have any more ideas about what I can do to make a difference with SKYPE and my webcam tell me by leaving a comment!