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Skype Chat With The Bloggers of 17 Chances to Help


The first thing I would like to write about today (or tonight) is my Skype chat with the bloggers at 17 chances to Make a Difference. Mrs. Hernandez invited me to be interviewed by her class. They were the same age as I am.

I thought that everyone was really nice. I was really excited to do this chat, and I am excited for the next skype chat I will have. Mrs. Hernandez said we might be able to Skype again. I felt bad because I was able to see the class but they couldn’t see me. They had a webcam, but we don’t have one yet. I’m hoping that next time we will.

I thought that the questions and anwsers they gave me were really different from anybody else’s. I think that the younger you are the more different your questions are because most adults ask the same things of me, but kids have different questions for kids. Mabey that’s just how I feel.

The kids from 17 Chances to Help asked me really great questions like what kind of music I like. They also said that I have an accent, because they are from Florida, and I am from New York, which was really funny.

I hope that I will get to talk with them again. I also hope you will visit their site because they are blogging about making a difference too!


A Lemonade Sale in Honor of Suneel’s Light

I have been planning to do a Lemonade Sale to help raise money for Suneel’s Light. My friends Emmy and Julie helped. I want to give a big thank you to Emmy for having such a wonderful idea and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas for allowing her to do the lemonade sale and buying cookies to sell too. We raised $5.00 for Suneel’s Light and that’s a TON of money for a Lemonade Sale. I was really excited about how much we raised. I want to give a big thank you to Julie for helping and advertising, bringing CD’s and helping put up posters and her mom and dad for allowing her to do the lemonade sale. So as a thank you well,

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            (   * *   )

          (   \/\/   )

Being a Cheerful Giver


Today I finally returned my pop bottles and pennies/loose change! I earned enough money to buy 12 gift bags!!! I was really excited about this! I will be donating the gift bags to Compass House on behalf of Cheerful Givers! I hope that the gift bags I made will make more kid’s birthdays happier and brighter, I know that I had fun shopping for them. This would make a great charity project for a group like the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. If you ever want to learn about how to support Cheerful Givers, just email me!


Caught Making A Difference and More!

As I walked to my friend Emily’s house a few days ago with her, we thought about having a Lemonade Sale. Emily said that it was a good idea but that there should be a purpose. Emily and I thought for a while and  Emily decided that we should donate the money we raise to Suneel’s Light. The sale will be held in the distant future (sometime this month) so we can donate it asap.


Talking about Suneel’s Light, I will be working with our family friend Kristen to make some cards to help raise money for Suneel’s Light too. This weekend, we will be cutting the paper to make cards. I think this is going to be fun!

Thank You Laura!

Today, as I walked into Tim Horton’s, I saw a long line ahead of my mom and I. Almost all of the tables were taken up. I was relieved because Laura Rumschik (the interviewer who I was meeting from NeXt) picked us out of a big crowd.

Laura was really cool. She had a really pleasant smile and her voice was soft. Talking with her was relaxing. We sat at a table next to a group of ladies and a messy seat. Laura asked different kinds of questions that other reporters never asked me before. It was cool to know that she really took some time looking at my blog. Laura already knew about Compass House and I thought that that was really impressive. Another great thing I noticed about Laura was that she was younger and that made me relax even more.I’m not really crazy about being interviewed. It makes me really nervous, usually. But Laura was great to talk to because she is only a little older than me. Laura is also a real Published Writer. She writes for the Buffalo News as a NeXt reporter!

At the end of our interview, she even made a donation for Suneel’s Light. I was really surprised by this, too. It was great and nice of her! THANK YOU LAURA!!! =)   

April Showers News

This month there weren’t many donations  to Compass House or Cheerful Givers. Rather than picking a winner who made the most difference, my mom and I have decided to donate $40.00 to Compass House instead. I also made $100.00 from bottle donations to buy things to put in giftbags on behalf of Cheerful Givers that I will donate to Compass House also.

One of the great things that happened this month is that a lot of teachers have planned to put up Compass House posters in their schools. This is a good thing because it helps get the word about about Compass House. My mom will be giving the basket to one of the teachers who puts up the most posters.

I also want to talk about Suneel’s Light. Suneel is a boy who has Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy. Muscular Dystrophy wears your muscles down and it makes it hard for you to walk well. People with Duchennes have a lot of other complications too. Suneel is a friend of our friend Kristen. Kristen has been Suneel’s school tutor for many years. I first learned about Sunee’s Light during Christmas. If you click on the link above, you will be lead to Suneel’s Light Homepage. Click HERE to see the blog post that I wrote on December 2!

Since it is the first week of April, I am starting a new contest. The person who makes the most difference for Suneel’s Light in the month of April will win a twenty dollar donation on April 25th to the charity of his or her choice. Please help out by donating to Suneel’s Light!!!