Happy April!

You are probally wondering why I haven’t written in a few days. Well, I have a lot to say today because of lots of busy-ness (biz-ee-nuss). I will be annoucing the winners for the April Showers giveaway as soon as I hear from Ms. Nadler about the people who donated to Compass House during the month of March. There were some people who didn’t leave me a comment or send an email. If you donated, please let me know!

I will be returning my bottles from the small bottle drive I had to raise money for Cheerful Givers soon. I will use that money to make gift bags to donate them to Compass House when I get them. It’s been really rainy and then snowy here, and my bottles are all saved up in my garage. My mom said we can return them this week! I will let you know how much money I got from them and how many bags we donated when I am done!

I want to talk a little about my school tonight (or this morning). I want to first give a big thank you to my school because they have helped and supported me so much this year ( and all of the years I have been at my school ). Also I want to say WOW! I would like to say WOW because my classmates, principal, teachers and friends are so inspiring. I want to really give a big round of applause to Mrs.Nabozny (my teacher) and principal because they have been so inspiring. Just a slight example:

Mrs.Nabozny has been so kind to my class and I. We have had 2 bake sales to raise money for Save the Day For Jay AND another bake sale at a Chiavettas Chicken fundraiser. “Jay” is the father of my classmate. He has ALS, and his family is doing fundraisers to help him. I hope that our class’s fundraiser helped. Mrs. Nabozny worked in the kitchen and let her students work the bake sale. I love my class and my teacher.

So check out my link and follow the sign on it please!


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