Books and Pajamas Galore!!!


Yesterday, I collected all of the books and pajamas from drive for The Pajama Program at Charles A. Lindbergh Elementary School. I want to thank the students and our wonderful principal, Mrs.Parsons for helping me!!!! We collected 25 pairs of pajamas and almost 200 books!!! I was really excited about this because my dad is doing a book and pj drive at his office, but it isn’t over until the end of this month. I have a feeling that I am going to end up with more books than pj’s to donate, but with what Lindbergh students collected and my dad, we will end up with a good amount.

We took a picture of some of them this morning!

Thank you everyone!!

If you live in our area, please consider doing a pajama drive yourself! You can do one at your school or at work too. Right now, the local need is 850 pair of pajamas per month. Mrs. Cardena really needs help spreading the word about her great organization and getting new pajamas to give kids who need them in our area. And if you live outside of my area, there is probably a chapter near you. Check this page to see!


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