National Make a Blanket Day: Helping Project Linus!

This Saturday I am going to go to National Make A Blanket Day to support Project Linus. Christene Lewandowski, our local organizer, invited me to come and make a tied fleece blanket to donate! I am also planning on donating my bottle return money as well. I’ve still been collecting this month, and my Aunt Kate, Uncle Mike McCartan, and our neighbors the Jungs are all helping me so far! Thank you. The blankets go to kids in our area who could use something to snuggle with. I am really excited about going to this because I get to meet some people that I am helping this month.

Also, my school already got a TON of books and PJ’s for the Pajama Program and I am really happy because it really makes a huge difference for the Pajama Program and I couldn’t do this by myself! Thank YOU everyone who has been donating! Please leave a comment here if you want to and let everyone know how you’ve helped!!!!

Remember that those who make the most difference this month, whether you are one person or a group, will win a donation to the charity of your choice! You have to let me know who you are and how you have helped out Project Linus or the Pajama Program this month. Thanks!!!


2 Responses

  1. Laura,
    I apologize for not being to your site since Christmastime. I’ve been reading lots and lots of different blogs (including your mom’s) and learning so much, but I just haven’t make it back here. I’m glad I finally did.. It’s great to see that you continue your wonderful work. I added another post about you on my Making the World a Better Place page with links to the two organizations you are supporting. I’ll be in touch again soon.

  2. I Knit I was wondring if iI could knit blankets for your organizaton.

    You can contact via e-mail. Thank you
    Sincerly yours ,
    Jennifer L Kuhn-Freed

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