Lindbergh Elementary Supports the Pajama Program

For the next two weeks, students at Lindbergh Elementary School will be donating new pajamas of all sizes and new books to Western New York children who are in need by supporting the Pajama Program. My principal, Mrs. Parsons, has been really helpful in making this work, and my friend Julianne Cairns has been a big help too! Thank you! I am excited to see how much we are able to help Ann Cardena, who is the head of the Buffalo chapter of this organization.

I also want to remind everyone that my February giveaway contest has started already! If you do anything to spread awareness of my blog and help me increase the number of people who are reading (and hopefully supporting my causes too), you will be entered to win handmade Valentine greeting cards. The deadline for doing this is February 7th! You can read more about all of this by clicking on this link!

Tomorrow, I will be writing about my friend, Sarah Wakefield! She sent me a really cool button to put on this blog to help animals! I think it is really cool that she suggested this, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.


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  1. THat is wonderful. I really love this charity!

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