This Month’s Wrap Up

This month I have been making a difference by raising money for COTA and Ski4E, organizations that work to help children in need of liver transplants. Sadly though, it is the 31st and so it is time to wrap things up. I am going to move on and help support The Pajama Program, Project Linus and Project Snuggle in February. I am excited about doing this, but I really am sad that January is over.

This month I raised money for Ski4E, who is helping Piper Walnicki, a baby from our area who is about a year old. Piper needs a liver transplant. In fact, we received an email this week that stressed how hard Piper is fighting for her own little life right now. I would like to encourage everyone who reads this, one more time, to take part in helping out Ski4E as well! Kids like Piper really do all of our support.

So this month I raised money by collecting Dash’s Markets receipts and bottles. I also made some money by going on penny hunts at my house. I want to give a big thank you to the Valenzuelas, the Marchiole family, and Mrs. Valenti for helping my mom out by collecting all of the money during last week’s dress down day at Erie 1 Boces. With all of these people participating, I raised a total of $538.54!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In just three weeks!!!!!! I will be sending a money order to COTA as well as all of the receipts in the next few days! If you look at my sidebar, you will see who my biggest donors and supporters have been this month!







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