My First Weekly Giveaway Contest!!


Valentine Card Giveaway for Spreading Awareness of my Blog!!!

 This month one of my goals is that I wanted to increase awarness of my blog, readers and subscribers. I think that a subscriber is someone who comes every day or whenever I post. I can see when people are subscribed because they show up on my WordPress Dashboard from places like Google Reader. Having subscribers means having more regular readers. This is my goal because the more readers the better I make a difference. Just like the saying “The more the merrier!”

In order to spread awarness of my blog I am doing a Valentine Card giveaway contest!! On February 7th, I am planning to give away 5 handmade, blank Valentine Cards to 5 different winners! You only have to do ONE of these things in order to be entered to win:

  • Write a post encouraging your readers to visit my site and link to me.
  • Ask five people that you know (or more) to visit my site and show them how to get here. They need to leave a comment to let me know you sent them!
  • Post my blog badge on the sidebar of your blog.
  • Take part in a MEME that I will put up tomorrow and link back to me.
  • Vote for me at the Blogger’s Choice Awards!! I’m currently tied for first place!! Please help me to win for sure!! The more votes I get, the more people come see my site!
  • Twitter about me, like Dr. Mani and his friends did in the beginning! This really helped me a lot. Most of my first readers came from Twitter!

When you do any one of these things, just leave me a comment to let me know! I will be drawing five winners on February 7th and mailing the Valentines out that same night! You will have them in time for Valentine’s Day!! This is what they look like:



One Response

  1. Hey Laura! I voted for you! 😀 Those cards are pretty and I want some!

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