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Caught Making a Difference: Mrs. Toney and Nina!

Today, Mrs. Toney came over and dropped off a lot of Dash’s register tapes! We have almost FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS in register tapes now. This is really amazing. Tomorrow, I am going to be talking to the manager at Dash’s again. He said I might be able to spend some time collecting register tapes for Ski4E there. I hope I can, but I know that this isn’t usually something they let people do.

I would like to invite everyone to stop at a new blog that is really fun! My little sister, Nina, decided that she would like to start a blog. Nina is A REALLY AWESOME story writer. She writes constantly. She loves to make blank books out of paper. She staples up the sides to bind them, and then she writes and illustrates stories that our whole family loves. I’m not kidding when I say that she has at least 30 or 40 really long books that she wrote since summer time. There is a whole stack of them in her room. She writes and illustrates every single day. Santa even brought her paper, a stapler, and all new crayons and markers for her writing.

Writing stories is a gift that Nina gives our family. She makes a difference to us this way, and now she will make a difference by telling her stories on her own blog, a little bit at a time. I hope you will visit and say hello to her! Nina can’t type really well yet because she is only 7. So, she is doing just a little bit at a time. But I think this is really cool.


2 Responses

  1. Wow what an inspiring young lady you are. I have been exploring your site for well over an hour now in between preparing dinner. I would like to have a think about what I can do to help and get back to you. Firstly though you mentioned that another way somebody could help would be by displaying the banner on their blog (DONE!) Although does you mum know a way I can resize it?!? I might be able to figure it out myself first….if I do it before you figure it out I will let you know! Technical pursuits are not my strong point! I will also include some information about your blog on my blog so that some of my readers will also know about what you are doing to `Make a difference`…I don`t have a big readership but perhaps it will inspire them to do something similar and together we could reach a lot of people!!!

    Lastly you mentioned card supplies. I live in Japan and I have some supplies that might interest you. I have some card stock, stickers etc in my own supplies but thought I could also get some beautiful origami paper that you could use as prizes or to make the cards with!!! Please ask you mum to email me with an address/PO box that I can send this too. It might take me a couple of weeks but it will be with you sometime in February for sure!!!

    ps: I am 23 and have lived in Tokyo on and off since I was 19…I am not sure if you have any other readers form this area but I will try my best to spread the news about your blog! My boyfriend and I also hope to make a donation next month for the next round of 25 days!

  2. I will go check out Nina’s site now.

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