The Blogger’s Choice Awards

Mr. Carr recently nominated me for a Best Charity Blog Blogger’s Choice Award. At first, I didn’t really think that my blog would get any votes, because I am a kid. I also didn’t want to ask people to vote for me because it felt kind of like I was bragging. But now I am fourth from the top of the list, and I am noticing that more people are coming to read my site because I am close to the top.

My mom explained that it was great for Mr. Carr to  nominate me because it is helping more people read my site and more readers means more support for the causes I am helping. The more votes that my blog gets, the more readers visit my site, and the more chances they will help support the causes I’ve decided to focus on here.

One way that you could really help me without spending any money at all would be to go to the Blogger’s Choice site, register, and then vote for my blog. Registration is free and very fast. My parents both did this, and they haven’t gotten any junk email or anything from doing this. I can’t vote for myself because I am too young though. 

You can vote for me by clicking on that little box over there on the top right of this page. Or you can just go here. I really appreciate this very much! I would also like to ask you to vote for Mr. Carr too!


2 Responses

  1. I voted for you and it isn’t bragging to ask for votes when it is in the name of a good cause not self recognition.
    You are making a difference and you should be porud to be nominated.
    Ps I am not sure where to find your badge to put it on my site.

  2. hi– i voted for you! if you would, could you return the favor? i’m currently in 5th place & only need about 2 dozen votes to be bumped into 3rd!


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