More Online Communities!!!

Recently, my mom and I learned about an online community called Razoo. On Razoo you can meet other people who are interested in doing good things and making a difference. There are a lot of ideas for anyone who is looking for large or even very small service projects. I haven’t been on it much today, but my mom and I already made up a whole page on it.  I am hoping that some of the people who are on Razoo will visit me here too! You could go there  too to get ideas and join my community–or someone else’s!

There are 15 days left to raise money for Ski4e and the Childrens Organ Transplant Association. I have set a fundraising goal, and I really want to reach it. I am going to spend part of my weekend picking up bottles and Dash’s receipts. Please e-mail or leave me a comment here if you have some! We will swing past your house to grab them.

Please let me know if you have made a donation to Ski4E/COTA! Remember that I am keeping track of everyone who makes a difference for them this month, and I will be awarding prizes.



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  1. This is a great blog, and I’m going to show it to my third grade students (and some older former students of mine) to see if they want to try something similar here in Michigan. Thanks for inspiring us, and good luck meeting your fundraising goal!

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